Arise Sir Roderick

Yeah, that’ll do it, that’ll work.

7 thoughts on “Arise Sir Roderick”

  1. Personally, I would have gone with “Maybe I’m Amazed”.

    One of those rare covers that were better than the originals.

  2. Maggie May marked the pre-18 drinking and friendships that endure to this day and sends me down memory lane every time.

    I discovered ‘In a Broken Dream’ in a rough pub down by the docks while at Uni. Still feel it shows him at his best.

    Rod has lived a full life leaving us all a clear idea of what type of woman he finds attractive.

    I seem to remember an interview where he was talking about wives and divorces and how he kept losing the house. He said something along the lines of, ‘when I walk out of here I’m gonna walk up to some chick and give her a house without getting married, it’ll save time and hassle.’ (he was of course joking, I think) 🙂

  3. About 10 years ago he put out 3 CDs, covers of classic “swing ballads” (if thats the right term). I took a punt and bought one.

    Sorry Rod, you might have been great fronting the Faces, but when it comes to covering Ella or Dinah, you don’t have the voice or the interpretation.

  4. Covers are something he seems to have generally done well, Downtown Train and Handbags and Gladrags being 2 favourites

  5. Give me “Three Button Hand Me Down” and “Miss Judy’s Farm” from his Faces days, and give me “Plynth” from his Jeff Beck days.

    Anything after Beck and Faces can be safely discarded. It’s too bad they couldn’t keep Faces together for another 20 years…

  6. The thing I like about Rod is he is an avid railway modeler, and has one of the best model railways in the world that he’s built up over years. When he got featured in some railway modeling magazine in the US, he said it was a greater honour than anything musical accolades he received.

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