Because she thinks it’s an idiot idea Ritchie

Tett goes on to praise the work of Open Corporates – and I do too: it is incredibly important. But, she utterly fails to mention the very obvious best source of new data on this issue, which would, of course, be country-by-country reporting.
Whilst much of the focus of discussion on country-by-country reporting is on the accounting information, it is also vital to realise that it requires that any multinational company disclose precisely in which jurisdictions it has operations, and what the names of its companies operating in those places are. There will be little better, or more effective, way of finding out what is going on in those places as a consequence than the production of public country-by-country reports, which would also have the advantage of having figures attached to the data.
I am curious as to the reasons for her overlooking this obvious solution. Her support would be welcome.

5 thoughts on “Because she thinks it’s an idiot idea Ritchie”

  1. No he’s right, he’s so right. Cbc is essential because it shows us the true economic entirt: the group rather than the individual legal company. He’s so right.

    Let’s choose a group with subsidiaries at random. Let’s choose, er, Oxfam. Now ea h individual entity in this group is obeying the letter of the law and can claim, if viewed in strict isolation, to be following the spirit of the law. Once the true group position is iewed though oh the tax abuse that is revealed!

    We’ll done Richard Murphy for bringing this to the World’s notice.

  2. Ironman

    Candidly you are wrong

    What Amazon did was unacceptable to the man on the Clapham Omnibus

    While what Oxfam has done was not subject to mainstream political criticism

    Yet you choose to ignore that

    I await your apology

  3. Van

    I wonder if he apologised ‘candidly’ as well when he apologised unreservedly to Michael Ashcroft in open court.

  4. Ironman

    I think you will find in Murphy’s world there is a ‘time and a place’ for ‘Speaking the truth to power’ and that was not it!

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