Bleedin’ ‘Ell, Nigel’s only gone and done it

There’s one individual to credit for Brexit, one Nigel Farage.

No, most certainly not, I do not credit him with convincing everyone. But we would never even have been allowed to answer the question, it would never have been posed, without the past 20 odd years of Farage continuing to demand that we do be asked. No Ukip no referendum. And, having worked for the organisation myself, stood for it as a candidate, no Nigel and Ukip would not have survived.

It’s been a long campaign and perhaps not perfectly played but Dear Lord there’s one individual who has made a damn difference.



And what a 90th birthday present for our Our Own Dear Queen, eh?

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  1. Just popped into town to get all the papers. I have never seen so many delighted people. “Happy Independence Day!”

  2. > An election has been won by people who, it is already obvious, have no plan on how to deal with the situation they have created.

    Corbyn’s the new PM then?

  3. Yep Nigel did it.

    He can be crass and boorish, and I disagree with him on lots. But his heart is in the right place (not a racist, nor bigot, nor xenophobe) and he has done it : changed the world for the better, seismic.

  4. The Inimitable Steve

    Tim, I went to bed last night worried and sad that we, the British people, had somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Lots of folks I know were late waverers yesterday, Project Fear did a lot of damage.

    I didn’t want to read the news this morning and see the smug faces of Eurocrats, Cameron and Blair.

    Looked out the window on a glorious June morning and hoped to convince myself just a little bit longer that I was breathing free English air. That my kids would know what it’s like to grow up in a sovereign democracy.

    So I learned the news from you, you magnificent ginger bastard!

    Thank you!

  5. The Shy Tory’s win it again.

    Perhaps the left will stop demonising their opponents now.

    Jo Cox knocked about 5% off the margin of victory, though.

  6. @TheInimitableSteve:

    Rise, like lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number!
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you:
    Ye are many—they are few!

  7. I had a flick through the results – the highest margins for “leave” seem to be very working-class and very agricultural areas. The former of which the Labour party has always taken for granted.

    Now onto self-determination for the Scots (again) and for the Northern Irish.

  8. Went to bed… about evens, but looking likeEnglish votes would maybe just do it. Ha.



    COME ON!

  9. The leaked Labour statement is just bizarre and tone-deaf:

    Chuka Umunna, on the BBC about 5am, said it was “a wake-up call for Labour”.

    David Dimbleby said that was at least the 3rd time they had said that, and asked if they were going to start listening now.

  10. Dear Labour,

    You might be waking up to the realisation that you called your core working-class supporters racists and xenophobes and tried to emotionally blackmail them into voting Remain. You lost, they won. By massive margins in much of your English heartlands. They won’t forget this at the ballot box at the next GE. Just bear that in mind.



  11. John Square,

    “The Shy Tory’s win it again.

    Perhaps the left will stop demonising their opponents now.”

    You’re not on Twitter, are you? It’s fairly unbearable/hilarious today, depending on how you look at things. They’re still throwing “bigot” around when half the country voted for this.

    You know one thing about this referendum which I love? These people on the fucking Guardian left that think they speak for the people of Britain have been given a thorough beating. Try actually making an argument rather than assuming you’re right and calling anyone who disagrees with you a racist.

    What I’m most proud of today is how the people of this country saw right through Project Fear. The polls suggested they wouldn’t, but we can now see there was a “shy Brexit” effect. I said throughout the campaign that Remain were treating the public as idiots, like they’ve been treating them as idiots for decades, and this is what they got.

  12. I’m also tickled at how Corbyn switched sides because they thought he could gain some credibility by being on the winning side and then lost.

  13. Labour message – “Man who tactically switched sides against his conscience to oppose your views is the only person who can unite us all”.

    Or something.

    I’m still trying to digest the bizarre statement.

  14. I’m in the Hunter Valley, I’ve been drinking and celebrating all through the count. Initially, we were still being told Remain would win, but as more and more results came in it became clear that we were going to win. I’m almost numb with disbelief that this great day has come. I’ve spent my entire adult life as a European citizen against my will, now I get to be free.

  15. I went to the Costcutter (petrol station) at about 3am for emergency supplies of bacon and bread. When I said I was up watching the referendum, the assistant and other customer (young man on a motorcycle) both asked “have we won?”. No doubt about who “we” are and what “win” meant.

    When I said we (i.e. Leave) were in the lead and appeared to be winning, they were both very happy indeed.

  16. Yes, Farage now becomes a political giant. I suppose it’s pretty reasonable given the quality of his buggering on with his top-notch short speeches at the EU’s faux Parliament.

    Nigel, Duke of Dover, would be apt.

  17. @Tim Worstall,

    Congratulations to you, Mr Farage and UKIP for making this happen.

    Be proud, magnanimous and continue your great work.

    Thank you for freeing the UK.


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