Can Ritchie read?

No one wanted Brexit – Gove included


It’s not very often that I direct people to the Daily Mail; least of all to a Sarah Vine column. She is, however, also wife of Michael Gove and in her column today she makes very clear that the Brexit campaign had no intention of or desire to win the referendum. As I had predicted, this is all a giant and unplanned mistake by the Tories.

But we have to live with it.

And they want to stay in government.

Err, that column:

It’s not that I didn’t think Leave could win. It was just that they were up against a rival campaign with all the money, all the power and all the scare stories.


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  1. The Inimitable Steve

    Given Ritchie’s recent legal troubles, it’s obvious he never learned to read good.

    This, by the way, is classic Gove:

    There was a short pause while he put on his glasses. ‘Gosh,’ he said. ‘I suppose I had better get up.’

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes Prime Minister.

  2. Murphy is assuming, correctly, that his readers won’t bring themslves to read a Daily Mail column.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes Prime Minister.”

    Gove won’t be standing as PM.

    He would be better than Boris, but too many voters would never warm to him. And he’s better as the power behind the frontman on the throne anyway.

  3. Tim

    I had just read the same Murphy post and Daily Mail article before your post and I was astonished at the sheer lying brass neck of Murphy. This twisting of the truth by Murphy is not mad, it is bad. It was done I believe purely to provide prima facie support for his earlier blog with the supposition that Leave did not want to Leave for those too lazy to read the DM or idealogically opposed to it.

    Peak cvntishness of Murphy has not yet been reached.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I don’t normally read the DM links beyond the 1st few paragraphs but that was quite good. I like this:

    “But what’s been hardest of all — at times impossible, if I’m honest — has been dealing with the transformation of Project Fear into Project How Dare You.


    I think it’s because many of the most passionate Remainers are well-educated, articulate people in positions of authority, used to getting their own way.”

    Not only that but they have a massive expectation of entitlement.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    Cal – yeah, I know.

    Gove has always impressed me, even when I don’t agree with him. He’s a class act.

  6. No. We knew that!

    What the article says Gove didn’t want was Cameron resigning. Gove expected Cameron to lead the party in line with the vote of the people.

  7. Ritchie is almost always wrong in my experience but hasn’t he got a point about this revealing comment:

    ‘You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off,’ I said, in my best (i.e. not very good) Michael Caine Italian Job accent. In other words, you’ve really torn it now.

  8. but hasn’t he got a point about this revealing comment

    I don’t think so. I think that is a humorous comment from somebody who honestly expected Leave to lose. For the reasons she expresses in the article. You may very well be right that Ritchie, having no sense of humour (or humanity) may have grotesquely misread it, rather than (as we generally think) understood what was intended and grotesquely mis-represented it (in his usual and inimitable, even egregious, fashion.)

    This perhaps makes her (or her husband’s) point of view more clear (although she didn’t know Cameron was going to resign when she made her quip:

    This was not what this referendum was about; that was not why Michael backed Leave.
    This was a debate about Britain’s membership of the EU, not a vote for or against the Prime Minister.

  9. A friend of mine is a very good friend of Gove’s and had discussed all of this at length with him.

    Not only did Gove not expect to win, he thought his career was going to be over (he understood that if it was worse than 55-45 to Remain the Leavers would all be defenestrated).

    He was prepared for this and he went ahead anyway. Murphy can’t see anythig other than venality in other people. I wonder why?

  10. Anyone who the teachers hate that much must be OK….
    It has been widely reported that 75% of da yoof supported remain.I have seen it stated in the TES that 75% of teachers supported remain. “Correlation doesn’t imply causation, but it does waggle its eyebrows suggestively and gesture furtively while mouthing ‘look over there’.”

  11. Interested, one of the Great Things about Nigel is that he campaigned for something that would lose him his job.

  12. Murphy making shit up, again.

    “No-one wanted Brexit”

    Apart from over seventeen million UK citizens, you fucking cockwomble.

  13. Dan Hannan also campaigned to lose his job.

    There’s no doubt that he would have other options, however as No 1 on the Tory list for the South East, he had one of the finest of meal tickets ever devised in political history.

    Not just a well-remunerated job, but one that required minimal effort and allowed him to do whatever else he fancied.

    But you have to be hard-left to be “Principled”.

  14. If Gove can keep Blojo on a lead and ensure there is no double-cross, he will have done good work indeed.


  15. TomJ
    I believe only 36% of 18-24 bothered to vote, of which 75% voted remain.
    Clearly we oldies have ruined their futures in Europe & they are taking to the streets in protest.
    Pity they didn’t take to the streets to walk to the polling station.

  16. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    @ Interested

    He’s the one wearing the t-shirt saying ‘Eradicate The Right-wing Blairite Vermin’.

    As half the thread is about people making shit up or twisting the truth out of recognition, could I point out that the photograph is a set-up to smear supporters of Corbyn. The picture has featured on a number of mutinous MPs’ twitter accounts and even accompanies the Chris Bryant article in the Telegraph today.

    The woman on the right is Anna Phillips, full time employee of the Blairite pressure group Progress, while the man on the left is Lewis Parker, a professional “creative strategist and social media Guru”. You are right that the wizened creature in the middle is probably Fake Steve.

  17. Regarding the teachers, a I saw a comment on a (teacher) friends Facebook wall that actually said “Today I had year 7’s writing angry letters to the Leave campaign…”

  18. @Bloke in North Dorset

    Read some of Sarah Vine’s previous articles in DM. She is imbued with common sense – rare in journalists these days.


  19. Tim, although normally very astute, I think it is you on this occasion who cannot read.

    “[Leavers] ignored all the threats and lies, and voted according to their principles. Which, from where I’m standing, makes the result even more *terrifying*.”

    “‘You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off,’ I said, in my best (i.e. not very good) Michael Caine Italian Job accent. In other words, you’ve really torn it now.” – i.e. – you were only supposed to make a stir, not actually win.

    “David Cameron was not supposed to go. This was not what this referendum was about; that was not why Michael backed Leave.” – Well, it was inevitable DC would go if Leave won, so what conclusion do you draw from what she is saying?

    It seems clear to me that the goal of people like Gove and Boris was to put up a good fight to become enamoured by the Tory Euro-skeptic grassroots, to console them and stop them leaving the Tory fold, and to consolidate cabinet positions.

    Conversely, Corbyn wanted to leave, but had to follow the party line, and so campaigned half-heartedly to try and minimise his effect on a Remain vote.

  20. Bloke in North Dorset

    The not way that more than the doors get blown off is if the EU tries to play hardball.

    I was listening to Sam Bowman, (of ASI fame) talking on Economics Detective Radio and he made an interesting point. The EU won’t want to give us an easy ride because of other outers but on the other hand if they are too hard the Dutch and Scandis might think, and I paraphrase “fuck this for a game of soldiers, were not hanging around with this bunch of lunatics” or words to that effect.

    If they did leave that would leave Germany alone with the rest of the economic basket cases.

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