Easy mistake to make I suppose

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Schlossgrabenfest festival: Sex attacks blamed on Pakistani asylum seekers

So, you’ve not got that much German, you’ve got to work out these long words bit by bit. Err, it’s a festival where we go to the castle and grab?

14 thoughts on “Easy mistake to make I suppose”

  1. nope. It’s a castle ditch party. As in the kind of ditch that, were it filled with water, would be a moat.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Presumably the origin of some of Europe’s finest families. After all, one group of Rhineland pirates seem to have celebrated grabbing one as they changed their name to Habsburg.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    The Pakistanis probably misunderstood the festival name.

    They thought it was a Schlonggrabenfest.

  4. Politically incorrect observation of the day:

    I thought Pakistan (at least nominally) was supposed to be a democracy? How can these people be claiming asylum, and from what? Are they claiming to be Christians who read the Koran on their days off?

  5. Well you can be an asylum seeker from anywhere. What we need is a new name for those whose application for asylum has been rejected, on the grounds that they come from a country you can actually safely live in (which Pakistan, if an increasingly small area of that country, is, at least for Pakistanis). How about “deportand”?

  6. One does wonder how much of this sort of thing has been going on at British music festivals for years with victims too afraid to speak out.

  7. @ BiG and VP
    In most of Pakistan any Muslim who converts to Christianity (or even marries a Christian) is in danger of their life thereafter so there *are* genuine asylum-seekers from Pakistan (relatively tiny proportion but 0.1% of Pakistanis would be 200,000 people, so 0.001% is still enough to notice).

  8. John77

    Absolutely agree – that’s what I’m asking, though – are these Pakistani ‘Christians’ – if that’s the case it’s a very different thing to them being Muslims – obviously not the most PC utterance but it should be able to be clarified without walking on eggshells – and agree the population (which is also fast growing) makes even a small number quite significant in terms of overall numbers

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Andrew M – “One does wonder how much of this sort of thing has been going on at British music festivals for years with victims too afraid to speak out.”

    Don’t wonder too often or too loudly or Rusty will be along to defend the rapists as usual by accusing you of racism.

    Remember that Nick Griffin was put in a prison cell for speaking the truth about Rotherham.

  10. Dr Cromarty,

    “Asylum seekers my arse.”

    If you were a pre-pubescent boy, these asylum seekers might misinterpret that as an invitation.

  11. Or the cases of asylum seekers that pop back to their old country to visit family after they have their new citizenship, you’d think if you were at that much risk before you fled and became a citizen of another country that you’d definitely be persona non grata now

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