‘Ello Mr. Osborne. That emergency budget. Finished it yet?


28 thoughts on “‘Ello Mr. Osborne. That emergency budget. Finished it yet?”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    Georgie will turn up soon enough with a sad sort of look and a note from his mum.

    “Can I be Prime Minister now, please?”

  2. “Can I be Prime Minister now, please?”

    Georgie, you can only be Prime Minister if you put on a hard hat and a high-viz vest, and say “Northern Powerhouse” until you’re blue in the face.

    You’ve already done that? OK, get your leadership bid rolling…

    More seriously, there’s a comment from Lockers in the thread:


    “I’ve been told directly by somebody who works in HM Treasury in Whitehall that the place has gone nuts. I asked ‘doing what’? And the answer came back ‘Scottish Border’. No idea how accurate that is but perhaps the runes have been read for at least Scotland splits (so possibly they know about an incoming Scots referendum 2) and possibly also joins the EU.”

    Since a country can only join the Euro if it has a deficit below 3% of GDP, and Scotland’s is 8%, that seems like a long shot…

  3. Austerity for Scotland so it can join the EU! Can’t wait to see the sour looks of the Europhiles when they realise what that means.

  4. “Since a country can only join the Euro if it has a deficit below 3% of GDP, and Scotland’s is 8%, that seems like a long shot…”

    EU rules are very Progressive. They only apply if political expedient to do so.

    Scotland offers nothing economically but as a hostile neighbour to England with a land border it is attractive to cunts, sorry, our European allies, who might want to cause trouble.

  5. Slightly OT – that pompous, bouffant haired cunt Julian Maugham is seriously pushing another referendum (and presumably ad referendum nauseam if that one doesn’t work).


    The sight of these wealthy, quinoa chewing, Guardian reading, taxturbating cunts actively trying to subvert and scheme and legal their way past the votes of a million mostly fairly poor Labour voters, and actively calling in aid the Labour Party itself, is nauseating.

    The comments are interesting too. It’s amazing how many people who claim they voted out now ‘bitterly regret it’ – unprovably of course.

    I don’t think this is over – I cannot quite see them getting their second referendum and winning it.

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    Conventional wisdom is that Scotland would be more likely to vote for separation in the wake of Brexit, but I’m not convinced they will.

    The Nationalist pitch last time around was a cake-and-eat-it proposition. This time it’ll be harder to spin “vote for an even more uncertain future in a messy and rapidly-changing Europe” into a positive.

    And we may have just blown up the Euro Death Star anyway. No telling what happens next.

    I’d put a sneaky tenner on the Republic of Ireland leaving the EU to join a British currency area / Northwest EEA before the Scots leave the UK.

  7. It wasn’t one of these difficult questions. The GE, for example – do I vote Tory, because “economy, stupid”, which will be a spoiled ballot in FPTP (for me), or do I vote SNP to keep the Labour scum out, or do I vote UKIP because they have one good policy (but also a waste FPTP.)

    It was Europe – in or out.

    Possibly a difficult decision for some but an easy question. Who were they protesting against to vote Leave? All bar one of the parties were Remain?

  8. These people are tyrants. The gap between the image they have of themselves – as compassionate, caring, good people – and the reality – cynical, ruthless and contemptuous of ordinary people – is amazing.

  9. The Scots aren’t stupid, there’s no way they would vote to leave the UK if they were given another referendum. Thanks to the oil price collapse the immediate response to a Scottish vote to leave would be a real economic collapse, not a few gyrations on the markets like we saw yesterday. They’d be facing a budget deficit of 10% of GDP, the need to raise taxes and cut spending by approx £10bn in cash terms immediately, money and businesses leaving for south of the border. It would be a catastrophe.

    I think the SNP have a strategy – they’re an independence party so if they are seen to be not chasing independence 100% they’ll lose their raison d’etre, so they have to look like they’re working towards independence. Hence the current mutterings. They’ll hope to get away with not having to have another referendum, because they know that the oil price collapse has shot the independence fox for the foreseeable future, maybe for good. But if by some bit of bad luck they can’t blame Westminster for not letting them have a referendum (their first choice) they’ll have one but run a distinctly poor campaign designed to actually drive people to vote No. Then they can say ‘Look we did our best, now vote for us to run Scotland’s devolved Assembly’ (where we get all the power we want really, but with the English paying the bills).

  10. Simon, they’re just at the clutching at straws stage. Like that period when Labour lost the election and the Toynbeeites were demanding a coalition of all the losing parties to block the Tories.

    They’ll get to the Acceptance stage in a few days. There isn’t going to be a second referendum. We are leaving. Relax.

  11. The Inimitable Steve

    Ian’s right. The Left will learn to live with the new reality.

    And why shouldn’t they? Historically they were against the EEC anyway.

    In the meantime, I’m enjoying the sight of various toys being thrown out of their pram. Bless ’em.

  12. Jim–which is why we now need to land heavy blows on the SNP.

    “Yeah–we will continue to finance Scotland but you drop your “named person” shite and the “Free the Football Singers” or no more cash.

    And do so publicly, openly.

    Whatever their feelings for the English I can’t believe that the ordinary Scot wants the scum of the state as the 3rd and much more powerful parent of their kids. “Tow the line and teach your kids CM or we’ll call it abuse and take them away” . I can’t believe that is what Scots want. I understand the scheme has not yet started but ( from Samizdata blog) it has already generated a 60 page social(ist) worker report about a kid who had a snotty nose. Publically ordering Sturgeon to drop that shit will humiliate her and the SNP but do so over a matter in which no decent Scot could possibly be on the SNPs side.

  13. Gareth with a capital G

    Was Osborne’s punishment budget available for download anywhere? I saw pictures of journalists waving around copies of something glossy. Robert Peston tweeted a page from it which suggests the punishment was only due to begin in 2019-20.

    Rob said: “Scotland offers nothing economically”

    Fishing grounds and a land border with England would be attractive to the EU.

  14. Scotland won’t even get to the stage of a referendum; there’s a good article in this morning’s Tel explaining why. They’d be voting for impoverishment.

    My own view is that only a madman could want to make Edinburgh into The Athens of the North in the 21st century sense.

  15. “only a madman could want to make Edinburgh into The Athens of the North”

    My guess is that 30-40% of the Scots are so stupidly SJW Bravehart types they’d vote for it just because it wouldn’t be rule by ‘Tory Scum’. With a bit of luck the rest might have their heads screwed on enough to be able to see straight and reject it.

    But if by some insane miracle they did vote for national immolation we should wave them goodbye with a smile on our faces and a generous settlement, safe in the knowledge that within a few years we’d have all their industry and productive people south of the border.

  16. I sneeze in threes

    What really would England loose from Joxit? We’d be rid of a lot of Socialist MPs, then maybe the Tories could purge the wets and go down the more libertarian route of Dan Hannan’s The Plan.

  17. Osborne’s got to walk the plank like Cameron. The pair of them were telling such egregious and transparent lies that they made fools of themselves, brought their offices into disrepute and make us look stupid for electing them.

    I was actually embarrassed that these fools were our countries’ leaders pre-referendum, they reflect badly on us.

    I’m indifferent to Scotland too – we’re not living in the age any more where we had to be able to fight the French on the shore no matter where they landed. Back then we needed Scotland so that invaders could not assemble an army there, now, not so much.

  18. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    I understand it’s unlikely, although so was Brexit, but if Scotland leave the Union and the Ulstermen opt to throw their lot in with the Republic, will Cameron go down as the worst ever leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party?

  19. @purveyor of witches

    nah – reserved for Heath the traitor, he’ll keep that record for some time, hard to beat.

  20. “if Scotland leave the Union and the Ulstermen opt to throw their lot in with the Republic,”

    Politics has become more interesting, but that is pushing it. Any serious move to join Northern Ireland and Eire would have the British Army back there in weeks.

  21. To be fair to Heath, he must be one of the unluckiest Tory Prime Ministers ever. Of course Chamberlain inherited a country committed to disarmament AND faced Hitler, so can be considered fairly unlucky. Heath had Ulster, the oil shock, mental unions…Britain was virtually ungovernable. He had serious character flaws though, which didn’t help.

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