Erm, what?

Pack condoms with the suntan lotion, advise sexual health experts

I thought the aim was to fill them with a rather different type of lotion?

6 thoughts on “Erm, what?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Can’t be sure they have KY jelly in the Third World I guess. Just as long as they remember which side goes outside.

    Guardian readers are unlikely to be interested in other sorts of sex.

  2. It is the Daily Mail admittedly but the Guardian isn’t any better.

    I take great delight in pointing out to lefties that the grauniad is exactly the same as the daily wail, just with the dog whistle set to a different pitch.

  3. @Bloke in Wales

    Don’t forget the Telegraph, which is now slithering into an intermediate position and also seems to be written by teenagers.

  4. Before I can laugh at your comment Tim, I need to know whether, in your book, sperm is a lotion? If yes, most of the commentators here missed the depth of your wit.

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