Err, no, don’t think so

The mayor of Calais has called for migrant camps to be moved to Britain stating the country must “take the consequences” of the decision to leave the EU.

The Le Touquet agreement which keeps border checks – and many migrants – on the French side of the Channel has been called into question following Thursday’s Brexit vote.

Current law is that a carrier who brings someone into the country without the correct documents gets fined ÂŁ2,000 a head (think that number’s right).

Thus the document checking is always going to be at embarkation.

Further, for anyone claiming asylum or refugee status, that claim must be made in France, it being a safe country. In other words, bugger off.

24 thoughts on “Err, no, don’t think so”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    Let’s split the difference and move the migrant camps to midway between England and France.

  2. TIS, well, why not? Might as well do something with that Tunnel, now no-one will be using it (according to the hysterical Left wing press, anyway).

  3. Immigrants arrive at UK checkpoint, immigrants found not to be entitled to enter UK, immigrants get turned back from UK checkpoint, immigrants arrive back in Calais.

  4. We should suggest to the people of Calais that they– and a Pale around their town– vote to re-join the UK.–as a VAT-free port.

    In return we round up the thuggish economic migrants and send then home. Or, if they offer violence dump them somewhere on the shore of North Africa where they will find the tender nature of their fellow Muselmen much more to their liking than the ways of evil white trash.

    Calais will once again be a quiet little town surrounded by only birdsong. And the noise of lorries–but you can’t have everything.

  5. bloke (temporarily not) in spain

    Went through Calais last night. You thought of what would happen if the French stopped that enormous operation they’re conducting to keep the migrants in Calais? Pass the buck onto the ferry companies? You simply wouldn’t have any ferries. Don’t forget, the migrants haven’t broken any laws in France. They have rights & the ferry companies would be very limited in what they could do to prevent them boarding, without infringing them.
    Of course, the answer’s in the referendum decision. Withdraw from the EU related judicial system & ignore the UN. Remove their rights, here. Getting across the Channel without documented permission gets you into an internment camp. Permanently. No appeals process. No “humanitarian” exceptions. No exit that leads to the UK.
    Just open a small office in France, staffed by a couple civil servants – mostly on rest days, training courses or off sick – you want refugee status in the UK? Complete this encyclopaedia thick application form, in longhand, in triplicate, in English. And we’ll consider your case. Painstakingly.
    The supply of would-be migrants would vanish.
    But lets be honest. The Brits haven’t the balls the French show.

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    Don’t forget, the migrants haven’t broken any laws in France.

    I’m pretty sure they’re not in France legally.

    Course, this is one of the reasons we voted to Leave. The EU has no intention of stanching the flood of parasitic “migrants”. IIRC they cracked down on Spain for wearing insufficiently soft kid gloves in their token efforts of pretending to defend their border from hordes of useless invaders.

    If the authorities were serious, the problem in Calais wouldn’t exist. They’d have all been sent home to North Africa or the Middle East already.

    This ain’t rocket surgery, all you need is a few burly blokes with truncheons and the will to put the rapefugees on the first transport back to where they belong.

  7. BIS: “The Brits haven’t the balls the French show.”

    “British EU-sucking political/bureaucratic shite haven’t the balls the French show.”

    There fixed it for you.

    We say to the migrants themselves–via leaflet, Twatter–whatever “Look you are a load of violent and nasty scum who are never getting in to the UK. So fuck off back where you came from or anywhere else”.

    A couple of mysterious fires on boats whose crews have disappeared–Marie Celeste style (prob panicked and jumped over board)– might well persuade those prone to giving people waterborne lifts. Persuade them that the Channel–like any part of the sea– can be a very dangerous place.

    Job done.

  8. bloke (temporarily not) in spain

    ““British EU-sucking political/bureaucratic shite haven’t the balls the French show.”

    There fixed it for you.”

    Not really. The French are in much the same position the UK is. They don’t want them either. But if they arrest them for being there illegally, they’ve now got them in their legal system. Become responsible for them. And it really isn’t their problem. The migrants don’t particularly want to stay in France because the French aren’t particularly hospitable. Putting it nicely. The Brits are too bloody hospitable.

    ““British EU-sucking political/bureaucratic shite haven’t the balls the French show.”

    Brit officialdom is subject to the prevailing political climate in the UK. And that relies on a lot of very loud, bleeding heart, liberals can be counted on to be all over the media with sob stories, demonstrating & all the usual tactics. Plus the asshole legal eagles.
    In France there’d be a counter movement. There is a counter movement. Why Marine’s polling so high. Brits can’t stomach that sort of thing. Want the gain without the pain.

  9. BiS: Not sure what you mean–we have just told the EU to fuck off. While I very much hope that the French will do the same , we have just done far more than they ever managed.

    By the same token the bleeding hearts over here have lost.

    I also doubt that most remain voters are bleeding hearts. They will mostly be those who misguidedly thought they would continue to be well off or keep what they have under the EU and fear uncertainty. They are wrong. Uncertainty can never be escaped and the EU is headed down to a colossal mess– Brexit or not.

    If there was a French govt will the Calais yobbo invasion could be rounded up and dumped back “home”. Use “national security” as a pretext. The scum of the state are quick enough to use it when it suits them.

    We also need to seize the time and roust them.

  10. Did you read that Italy “rescued” 4,500 African migrants in one day this week.

    While I voted leave to address the democratic deficit, II’m pleased as punch we wont face migrant quotes from the EU lunatics…

  11. Mr Ecks
    June 25, 2016 at 8:57 am
    Free burgers all round.

    As an American I automatically think of a beef patties between two slices of bread. Is this a typo and you meant to type burghers?

  12. Liberal Yank

    No, Ecks was responding to SE (the post above that), and making reference to the (alleged) day job….

  13. Yes, Ecks made a funny. Apparently I ‘flip’ burgers. Not that it should matter what I do, but hey ho, Ecks is demented.

  14. The pun obviously failed.

    I was referring to burghers as in townspeople. Since the word has a Dutch origin I would expect the language to be common in Brussels. With the loss of billions in funding I expect that some Brussels residents are now freed from their bureaucratic jobs. Hence free burghers.

    I know, I won’t quit my day job.

  15. LY: If you want a part -time job, talk to Larri’s boss at the burgery. I bet he’d employ Satan in place of that twat .

    The commute would be a bit of a problem tho’.

  16. You think it shouldn’t matter what you do Arnold?

    You mean like you being OK with your fellow cult members murdering 150 million people in the last 100 years?

  17. “take the consequences” of the decision to leave the EU.

    Maybe it doesn’t translate well from French to English but . . .

    How does ‘take the consequences of the decision to leave’ mean ‘continue to do what another nation tells you to do?’

  18. Ecks,

    Is “Don’t quit your day job.” a popular phrase on the right side of the pond? If not the standard American use is to heckle a bad performance. Anyway I would rather not have a job with soylent green on the menu. The commute is the least of the worries.

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