Explains quite a bit really

Revealed, the masturbation hotspots of the UK: Women in the South East and men in London indulge the most frequently

Explains a lot about England actually, the distribution of wankers.

8 thoughts on “Explains quite a bit really”

  1. Pole, surely, in this case?

    London appears to be the wanker capital for both men and women.

  2. But as Tim says in a later post, masturbation is a health issue for men.

    What about for women?

    Or is just that among the metropolitan elite heterosexual sex is no longer so acceptable to part of 50% of the population.

  3. I do love being part of the metropolitan elite, and I trust you proles are suitably graced by my presence here.

    Now, time for a quick one off the wrist.

  4. Wanking their way to prosperity. Maybe if them oop North wanked a bit more it wouldn’t be such a shithole.

  5. SMFS, admittedly we’re on the endangered species list, but we can still be found, hiding in the sewers and basements, huddled in priest holes sipping hard liquor and otherwise avoiding catching the eye of The Man.

  6. Lots of men from the provinces work down in London during the week. That would explain it all.

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