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Fun glitch

A number of British MPs – and their counterparts in Iceland and Australia – have been on the receiving end of “tedious” emails from Donald Trump’s team in recent days asking for campaign donations for the Republican presidential hopeful.

It is, of course, illegal for foreigners to donate to US political campaigns.

Well, unless you do it through the Clinton Foundation.

6 thoughts on “Fun glitch”

  1. Steady on. Link provided for info / interest only (had just been reading it). No surreptitious possessions implied.

  2. PJF,

    Dear Lord that’s an economically illiterate proposal from Trump. Out of his proposed seven steps, the only one which is merely unworkable (rather than completely stupid) is #7, clamping down on theft of trade secrets.

    Mind you, if that’s what the voters want, that’s what the voters will get. Perhaps they would genuinely be happier with factory jobs rather than service sector jobs.

  3. Pity it’s not illegal for foreigners to make payments to UK political campaigns.

    We’d have been spared an awful lot of nonsense.

  4. Trump’s speech is of little significance,

    The only really dumb bit is tariffs if the Chinese don’t jump thro’ some vague hoops.

    The rest is speechifying crap to get elected.

    Getting out of lousy political “trade deals” which are 1000s of pages of bureau-crap that make trade more difficult is no big deal.

    He has to whip up the punters and this sounds good. He wouldn’t have got as far as he has if he was as dumb as they claim.

    I no-classed him at the start. But he has already done enough to prove me wrong.

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