Fun story about North Korea

Years back, in Moscow, knew one or two North Koreans. Actually got a job offer from them. Turn the English translation they had of the Leader’s memoirs into something rather more English English.

Hmm, why not?

We’ll pay you $100.

What, per page? Great!

No, per volume…..

6 thoughts on “Fun story about North Korea”

  1. $100 was probably a significant chunk of the hard currency they possessed at the time. I doubt whether you’d have been happy to be paid in NK Won.

  2. You should have done it.

    You could have rendered the Great Leader’s thoughts into a colloquial style of English that was accessible to the oppressed proletarians of the countries outside the blessings of Juche. For instance, “The people applaud the Great Leader” = “The people give the finger to the Great Leader”.

  3. Also make sure it’s genuine US dollar, and not one printed by North Korean, as they’re one of the largest producer of US currency outside of United States.

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