Geneva’s expensive, isn’t it?

A ‘fellatio cafe’ where customers receive oral sex while they drink their coffee is set to be opened in Switzerland.
The outlet, set to be up and running in Geneva by the end of the year, would see men ordering a coffee before their choosing their prostitute on an iPad.
Customers would pay more than £40 for the drink and sex act, according to the firm Facegirl, which is modelling the idea on similar establishments in Thailand.

Thailand offers it free with the first drink, doesn’t it?

20 thoughts on “Geneva’s expensive, isn’t it?”

  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Tim, if you nip down to the Czech Austrian border ( Znojmo direction ) you get free beer with your 69 Euro “service”… er.. so it says on the billboards…

  2. Dubi (first town over the border near where I am) still has street girls looking for the Germans popping over the border. Trade’s down rather as a result of legality in Germany. The little backroad that leads from Krupka to Freiberg (ish) had an “Asian Bar” 5 metres inside the Czech border.

  3. “Thailand offers it free with the first drink, doesn’t it?”

    So are the Swiss, that’s just what the coffee costs there.

  4. “Customers would pay more than £40 for the drink and sex act,”

    Which proves once and for all that the transfer price Starbucks imputes on the royalty it pays to the Netherlands for coffee beans is NOT too high.

  5. Maybe the McDonalds PPM index is not the right measure of the worldwide cost of living for most of us and a BJ exchange rate should be used instead?

    Because £40 for a BJ and latte in Geneva seems helluva cheap to me and I used to live in Zurich.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    For that price the coffee had better be pretty good or there’ll be two people left with a nasty taste in their mouths.

  7. This blog has plumbed some pretty disgraceful depths, but this has reached the limit – an incorrect spelling of “portmanteau” . . .

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