Get rid of this one matey, get rid of her now

A shopaholic has revealed how she makes her soldier fiance treat her to whatever she wants including designer shoes – she threatens him with a sex ban.
Janey, 30, from Durham, says she can get her partner of five years Ross to buy her anything she wants by simply denying him action in the bedroom.
‘He knows not to say no. I will quite happily put him on a sex ban for one to three weeks which I have done in the past,’ she reveals on Channel 5 documentary Little Divas: Tantrums and Tiaras.

We all rather joke about women with holing sex in order to force men into certain actions. But quite so nakedly? Unless she’s a serious performer that’s one to get rid of straight away.

19 thoughts on “Get rid of this one matey, get rid of her now”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    She is 30. Unless they have children he should walk away. Leave all his stuff. Don’t go back for a single thing. Just go.

    It is bad enough to put up with that sort of [email protected] from a young and pretty girl. But someone who is racing towards the Wall? Not a chance. He needs to find his balls, grow a spine and leave.

  2. Crikey! He could get a stunner for £200ph and get to keep his house and pension when it eventually goes west. Cuck.

  3. “with holing” – Perhaps should be “Withholding”? Or maybe “Without holing”…

  4. the couple have been warned that their current outlays are £100,000 a year and they can’t carry on spending that way as it exceeds Ross’s income

    It’s neoliberalism and the austerity agenda again.

    Or possibly Journo-Bollox.

  5. “She said: ‘Ross has always given me an allowance, it started at £60 a month. Last month I spent £3,000.”

    A career in government awaits.

  6. The only way any sane man would pay her for sex is if he was paying NOT to have to.

    Reminds me of the old Benny Hill sketch.

    Benny –as a fat vest-wearing American–is stuck with a fat ugly wife. One day Henry McGee turns up with a beautiful young woman in tow. But he is fascinated by Benny’s ghastly frau instead. Finally he admits :

    “I want to make love to your wife”

    Benny is dumbfounded “I don’t understand ” he says “I HAVE TO… but you??”

    Turns out that the young beauty is Henry’s daughter and his wife is a worse munter even than Benny’s.

  7. The Duke of Wellington remarked that his soldiers terrified him. I wonder what he would make of this chap?

  8. Has nobody heard of “FinDoms” Financial Dominatrix? Perfectly intelligent men hand over money to these Dom’s in return for abuse; just search any porn site. Being “in the business” I have met a few girls doing remarkably well out of it.

  9. re: Machiavelli

    As Charlie Sheen once said, he paid hooker not for her time, but for her to leave after he’s done.

  10. So, /she/ doesn’t like sex, doesn’t have desires and cravings to be satisfied? Otherwise, this sounds like “I’m going to stop breathing until you pay for my shopping”.

    Has she never actually had an enoyable orgasm? Maybe that’s the problem.

  11. ‘sex ban for one to three weeks’

    How many husbands are scratching their heads, wondering what they could do to get it that OFTEN?

  12. How humiliating for the poor man. And that was BEFORE she spread her greed over the pages of the Daily Mail.


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