Good game of rugby then, eh?


8 thoughts on “Good game of rugby then, eh?”

  1. Edge of the seat, arse clencher. Great night all round, Wales lose (would have preferred more of a thrashing), history making win at Suncorp and wickets tumbling at Lords.

  2. Rolf Harris, Men at work, Skippy, Ned Kelly, Kylie Minogue, Crocodile Dundee, Mel Gibson……..are you listening? Your boys took a hell of a beating tonight!

  3. Well, for all the talk of how far ahead the SH is, today it’s Home Nations 2 – SANZAR 1. I suspect the day may end 6N 2 – .”Rugby Championship” 2, but heree:s Hopi g the Azzurri prove me wrong.

  4. It’s weird, though, heard reports about England supporters going on the rampage, with fighting and tear gas but have just checked the Brisbane on-line newspapers and they don’t mention it at all……

  5. Next week’s test will see who can bounce back. But Wales have by far the hardest task – a mid week match against a Super 16 rugby team (Chiefs) before the second test. And the AB’s were always going to be a bit rusty first up.

    The Aussie’s need to learn to stop infringing (maybe get a sympathetic ref) or get a kicker, so familiar to see England getting a lot of points from penalties.

  6. Andrew C
    Yep, that’s complete bullshit.
    Good to check back at the source rather than believe that sort of rubbish.

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