Gove I think?

Not that I’ve a vote of course….

One way to put it, do you want the one The Times kept or the one they fired for inventing quotes? Or any of those they wouldn’t hire in the first place…..

57 thoughts on “Gove I think?”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    Yup. Gove it is. (Not that I have a vote either.)

    BoJo is just too naked an opportunist. Gove will deliver Brexit without any added drama, and unite the Tories.

  2. I’d vote for him. Best guy in the Conservative Party at the moment. One of the few people who I think actually wants to make a difference.

  3. I kinda hope Boris gets it – he’d be more entertaining. Entertainment is all I’ve come to expect from politicians, we can’t expect them to competently do anything else…

  4. How does one get a vote? Just join the Conservative party? Costs about 25 quid for a year. 25 quid for the opportunity to make the nations trots and socialist workers miserable.

    It’s tempting.

  5. Best news I’ve heard.

    Johnson simply is not PM material – fact.

    The Guardian may hate him, but probably not as much as it hates Boris or Theresa.

  6. Salamander,

    It’s too late now. They have a 3 month qualifying period (this is very sensible, unlike Labour)

  7. Ah well. At least I can fun winding up all the socialists that I know that it is now too late for them to join and vote against Gove.

  8. I’d like to see Gove in charge of the Brexit negotiations but I don’t think he has the rumbustuosness required to do all the bollocks bits of being PM.

    He’s too decent, very smart and would be a superb Chancellor I think.

  9. I’m not sure the general public will really warm to Gove, or May, or Leadsom either. But that’s not the point. The point is that the Conservatives have 4 years. In that time they need to negotiate an exit, get the exit through Parliament, get the EU to agree (and it seems like they want rid of us, so this should be achievable, and even if it isn’t we can just go it alone), and show the public that all is well, and that we’re doing fine without the EU. As the EU will be facing all sorts of serious issues at this stage that should be achievable.

    We need to have done all that by the time of the election on 7 May 2020, so that even if Blairite Labour are still around and win the election, taking the UK back into the EI is no longer a credible option. That’s the aim. Get us out, and make it impossible to get us back in.

  10. What about Gove as PM and Liam Fox leading the negotiations as Minister for Relations with the EU?

    We need Boris somewhere if only to remind us that some politicians can be human, ‘cos he is certainly that. And he crosses strict party lines. He s the rare animal that some non-conservatives like or admire.

    Theresa May, no way. Thank you ma’am. A minor ministry for you.

  11. Oh, yes, and on top of his intellectual stature, Gove is unfailingly polite. Something I like more and more in this day and age, when public discourse suffers from constant verbal violence.

  12. Seems likely that the MPs will vote in such a way as to ensure that Boris isn’t one of the two names on the list sent to party members, as the guy is basically Marmite. Which probably means May or Gove. Buster could sneak through if May is seen as being tainted by being Home Secretary and part of the remain camp. Also, he’s got a beard, so that’s the metropolitan hipster vote sorted.

    Curiously, the party’s best strategy might be for the new leader to have a minor reshuffle (moving only those directly affected by the leadership vote), go to the October conference, make all the right healing and unity noises, then declare the intention to call a general election to form a national government.

    Should concentrate minds, particularly in the Labour constituencies that voted to leave, and in Scotland.

    By that time, our continental cousin’s own elections will be that little bit nearer…

  13. The Meissen Bison

    DuckyMcD: to form a national government.


    You want Jezza as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster?

  14. Perhaps we can have BoJo as PM to do all the media and publicity, while Gove gets on with doing real work as Chancellor.

  15. ‘I’m not sure the general public will really warm to Gove’

    It’s impossible not to warm to Gove the more you see of him. Unmediated, that is – the Graun will say he’s weird and so on.

    He’s very popular throughout the HoP I believe.

  16. The Inimitable Steve

    Yes, Gove is that rare bird in modern politics: a quiet man of genuine substance.

    He’s not bombastic like Boris, but he’s unfailingly impressive with his keen intelligence and low-key charm.

    And he seems trustworthy.

  17. Won’t be Gove. Sure he’s ferociously bright. But Theresa May looks more the part. Don’t underestimate the power of the right appearance. Kinnock, Hague, Miliband, Corbyn – no. Blair, Cameron – yes.

  18. Ducky McDuckface: Crabb is a non-starter. The Conservative Party membership would never vote for a leader with a beard like that.

  19. Yes, Gove should be the best and sensible choice. Whether that is what is made however…

    As others have said, he is exceptionally polite and well mannered, something to be admired. It’s telling that the Graun and others are going after his wife as they are struggling to get any personal dirt on him.

  20. Alex, was being slightly cheeky, and had assumed that Boris would actually stand, which he apparently isn’t now.

    Still, depends on how they’re split in the first rounds of voting, but looks like May and Gove will be the names going to the members.

    Thing is though, whoever actually wins, they have to avoid John Major’s situation. And the Brexit vote won’t go away on it’s own.

  21. And the fact she’s a woman helps – that’ll really rub Labour’s nose in their lack of female political talent. And she’s a Libra, like Thatch.

  22. Interested,

    “‘I’m not sure the general public will really warm to Gove’”

    We’ve just dumped a PM that was always supposed to be that sort of person, yet barely secured a victory against an opposition party that wrecked the economy led by one of the architects of that and an utter twat.

  23. So Much For Subtlety

    As much as I would like to endorse anyone who starred in Smack My Bitch Up the fact that Ms May is calling for an end to the non-existent “austerity” we pretended to, but did not actually have under Cameron and Gideon means she is standing for the leadership of the wrong party.

    The Lib Dems are probably meeting somewhere but maybe she would be more at home taking Corbyn’s job?

  24. The trouble is that so many “ordinary sensible teachers who just want to do their best for the children” have been proving themselves since the seventies to be a bunch of arseholes. Sad but true. Having a good heart is no use if you fill your head with intellectual shite.

  25. So Much For Subtlety

    Social Justice Warrior – “Teachers hate him. Almost all of them. Not Trots, but ordinary sensible teachers who just want to do their best for the children.”

    The two groups are mutually incompatible. Anyone who just wants to do the best for the children (not their best I note) quit long ago. But if they didn’t they would not support the status quo which makes the children’s best impossible.

  26. The Inimitable Steve

    Teachers hate him.

    You don’t need to keep selling me on Gove, I’m already in favour.

  27. Bloke in North Dorset

    As far as Brexit goes it doesn’t matter who is elected because they know that any backsliding will just hand the next election to UKIP or the vote will be so divided it might even be Labour/Scots Nats coalition even with Corbyn at the Labour Party helm.

    I like Gove intellectually and politically but agree with SJW he’s never going to capture the public support that is needed. I just can’t take Boris seriously.

    Anyone who has survived 6 years at the Home Office has to be a safe pair of hands, so for me May with Gove as her deputy with responsibility for Brexit would be the preferred outcome, with maybe Javid as Chancellor to keep the City happy.

  28. The SJW generation of whining scum don’t seem like much of an advert for teachers.

    Or social media.

    Or the human race if it comes to that.

  29. BiND–Sorry but nonsense.

    She is an arrogant , authoritarian bitch who has wiped her fat arse with civil liberties.

    She is a remainer and another middle/upper class CM freak on the lines of Camoron.

    And above all she is colossally STUPID.

    Remember this is the dozy cow of the 100,000 underage Vietmanese prossies being held prisoner and forced to work out of UK nail salons.

    To stand up and talk such shite in public without even querying it with whatever PC idiots handed it to her is epic.

    We would be better off with Obama’s teleprompter or a waxwork of Jeremy Corbyn.

  30. TMB,

    Jezza might not be the leader of whatever is left of the Labour party. If necessary, stick him in charge of the Home Office. That will really fuck him up, and probably lead to him being sectioned. Or it might fuck up the Home Office, which considering I regard the nasty authoritarian bastards as the greatest domestic threat to the freedoms of the British people, would go down as a win. Bit of both might be nice.

    To be slightly less flippant; within about three months, we will have two new leaders of the (historically) major, mass membership, parties. Or the remnants thereof. The Brexit result won’t have magically disappeared, but the vote was advisory. Constitutionally, it hasn’t given anyone the mandate to act on it.

    Thanks to the Mouth Breathing Bottom Feeder, we also have the Fixed Term Parliaments Act to deal with. If the Commons waits until 2020, the new Prime Minister is facing a rerun of 1992 to 1997. Not pretty. Chances are that no party leader will survive that, including Sturgeon. Save for Farage, who isn’t an MP, wasn’t part of the official leave campaign, and has the grand total of one member in the house, who will probably jump ship soon enough.

    So, at the moment, the vote was the electorate hitting the Big Red Switch. The parties, and their members, are currently rebooting. Holding an early election should resolve the mandate issue. If the Conservatives campaign on the basis of forming a national government, they can effectively force the other parties to do so, resolving any tactical voting issues in almost any constituency. If a majority Government can be formed from Leave-minded MPs, then the Article 50 process can properly begin.

    After Brexit is complete, the parties can do whatever they want. But the entire system is now realigned with the new reality of the UK no longer being in whatever is left of the EU.

    Thank you, I’m here all week.

  31. “People said Major had no charisma. He won more votes in 1992 than any leader since 1945.”

    He won on the back of Thatcher. Major winning was like a band who had a brilliant, huge-selling worldwide smash album, and their next album goes straight to number one, even though it’s crap, as the people who bought it are about to find out.

  32. So Much For Subtlety

    Tel – “Major winning was like a band who had a brilliant, huge-selling worldwide smash album, and their next album goes straight to number one, even though it’s crap, as the people who bought it are about to find out.”

    So you’re saying John Major was like Wings?

    If only we had leadership of his calibre. For that matter, if only shape-shifting lizards from outer space were really running the world. Eating the occasional child is a small price to pay.

  33. >then declare the intention to call a general election

    Why do that? The Conservatives have four more years of majority government. They were voted in having promised to have a referendum. They just need to get on with it, not waste time with another election, exhausting the poublic’s patience and possibly losing power.

  34. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mr Ecks,

    I don’t do ideological purity, I leave that for the looney tunes in momentum and the likes of you.

    Absence a credible classic liberal party I’ll live with the least worst solution and protest about their most egregious policies.

  35. “She is an arrogant, authoritarian bitch who has wiped her fat arse with civil liberties.”

    I’m struggling to articulate it more eloquently.

  36. Cal, the Mouth Breather had previously promised a referendum which didn’t materialise, after he barely drew against Gordon fucking Brown. To suggest that the 2015 victory was due to the promise is a tad optimistic. How long do you think that majority is going to last with sitting MPs whose constituencies voted to remain?

  37. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mr Ecks,

    As I said, I don’t think any of them can undo Brexit, it will be political suicide.

  38. Welcome to Scotland everyone, when you have a referendum that is not overwhelmingly emphatic one way or the other (even though arguably ours was), and where the losers are no respecters of democracy.

  39. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    One not getting a mention Andrea Leadsom. Sprung to prominence by being a debater for Leave and playing a bit of a blinder.

    Alas, she is a bloody thicko. Appointed to DECC and ballsing up our energy policy quite nicely thank you. It won’t be a case of last one to leave Britain please turn off the lights. There won’t be any left on.

  40. “Appointed to DECC and ballsing up our energy policy quite nicely thank you”

    Is there evidence for this? Just wondering. I had gathered Leadsom wasn’t popular with the greenies.

  41. Bravefart: if you encounter anyone spouting this crap just remind them that the Welsh devolution referendum was incredibly tight, with only a 50% turn-out, and that was promptly enacted.

  42. >Cal, the Mouth Breather had previously promised a referendum which didn’t materialise, after he barely drew against Gordon fucking Brown. To suggest that the 2015 victory was due to the promise is a tad optimistic.

    I didn’t say the election was won due to the promise of a referendum. It may have been, though. But that’s not the point. The point is that in was there, as an important part of the package, which was voted for. There are no grounds for saying that there was no mandate for holding this referendum. There was. There’s no need for another election (unless Parliament try to screw up what was voted for).

    >How long do you think that majority is going to last with sitting MPs whose constituencies voted to remain?

    The majority will last for four more years, won’t it? By that time the electorate will — or should — have come to terms with Brexit, which will have happened by then. Most Tory remainers will come to terms with it, even if they’re worried about the 2020 election (except perhaps a few hysterics, like Anna Soubry, who is think might get voted out anyway because of the awful things she has been saying about voters).

  43. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Cal, for instance – hansard 14 March 2016

    Andrea Leadsom: The new clauses seek to place a duty on the Secretary of State to produce and implement a CCS strategy by June 2017 and to report to Parliament on progress every three years. They also set out that the strategy must help to deliver the emissions reductions needed to meet the fifth and subsequent carbon budgets.

    As I emphasised in Committee, the Government’s view remains that CCS has a potentially important role to play in the long-term decarbonisation of the UK’s industrial and power sectors, the long-term competitiveness of energy-intensive industries and the longevity of North sea industries. However, CCS costs are currently high, which is why we remain committed to working with industry to bring forward innovative ideas for reducing the costs of this potentially important technology.

    Carbon capture, what a lot of bollox, better pumping any CO2 to a Tizer bottling plant.

  44. She is an arrogant , authoritarian bitch who has wiped her fat arse with civil liberties.

    This differentiates her from any other Home Secretary of recent years? They clearly put something in the water in Marsham Street.

    The last one to come out as liberal as he went in was Michael Howard. For obvious reasons.

  45. May reminds me of the old gag about not bothering to get married again, just find a woman you don’t like and buy her a house.

    In May’s case we won’t have to go through the embarrassing “honeymoon” phase where she pretends she’s going to make things all better and we pretend to believe her. We can just go straight to the David Baddiel “May, what a witch!” bit.

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