Guardian headline writers have a rethink


Now altered.

Via Matt L.

7 thoughts on “Guardian headline writers have a rethink”

  1. Does that not imply that they had a think before they wrote it?

    Seems unlikely, given most of what they produce.

  2. Being a pedant, that headline is fine and has no ambiguity. Had they said “washed” up you’d have a point. “Washes” up presents no ambiguity

  3. @Darren,

    If it makes you go pendant it’s inadequate. You’re right, it’s not wrong but it is bad.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Perhaps they are determined to make the Olympics less hideously White? I mean, let’s face it, fair play and good sport is terribly European and middle class.

    So they are going to borrow from Afghanistan’s version of polo and Somalia’s traditional approach to the bodies of their enemies?

    I for one welcome our new vibrant and diverse Olympic overlords. Better than the drugged up cheats the Soviet Union and to a lesser extent America have given us.

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