How they must have giggled about this one

and the astronaut Tim Peake, who received a CMG, or companion of the order of St Michael and St George, a diplomatic honour granted for overseas service, which was awarded for the first time to a recipient in space.

This is Whitehall’s version of a good joke.

And I do love this one:

The youngest honoree, at just 21 years old, was Gary Doyle, a plumbing apprentice from Castlewellan, County Down, who was given a British Empire Medal for “services to skills” after winning gold at the world plumbing and heating championships in Brazil last year.

Well, you get an MBE for an Olympic gold then move on up the ranks for every subsequent one at subsequent games. You get a K for a Nobel. Why not a BEM for gold in the world plumbing and heating championships?

And where is Guido’s BEM for being a video games star?

4 thoughts on “How they must have giggled about this one”

  1. Bernard Wooley
    “CMG stands for ‘Call me God’, KCMG for ‘Kindly Call Me God'”
    “And GMCG?”
    “God Calls Me God”

  2. Woo! for TimP
    Has anyone looked to see what astronauts actually do?
    Housekeeping mostly, although it helps if you’ve a hobby, such as photography. (Like, it’s not done anyway.)
    As the saying goes, if you’re not the organ grinder; if the service is free; if you’re a ginger…

  3. PUNTER, Anne Bendover-Skremah Mrs, Director, Pushing back, import co-ordination and mercantilist sinecurism. Dame, services to loveliness.

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