Idiot sodding stupidity

Why is that journalists just cannot do numbers?

From Grist:

If U.S. health care were a country, it would rank 13th for emissions

The US is the second largest emitter. Health care is some 18% or so of the US economy. US emissions are 5 billion tonnes or so. Thirteenth emitter is Indonesia on 400 million or so.

Yes, and?

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  1. Emissions from a health care system? Should we also be concerned about the noise the reinsurance industry makes or the fuel efficiency of the Rugby Football League?

  2. To be fair, the Grist article lifts everything from a linked YaleNews article, with the research having been done at Yale, which puts emissions at 8% of the US total. Presumably the research does some other stuff as well, since that would rank 17th in the table on Wikipedia, slightly ahead of the UK in kilotons. But CBA.

  3. The research puts emissions at 9.8% of the US total, and says that would rank 13th in the world.

    I tend to agree with Tim W’s point that this number is not very interesting. Independent of that, the paper does make an substantive point about the health effects of pollution generated by healthcare.

  4. Clearly, the US needs less healthcare. This will have double benefit – it will reduce emissions directly, and also indirectly because fewer people will be left alive cluttering up the place and emitting ‘stuff’.

    The only Progressive and compassionate option. Ignore the Haters!

  5. the paper does make an substantive point about the health effects of pollution generated by healthcare

    On the contrary, people will look back on this in a hundred years time and think we collectively went batshit insane. Perhaps just before some massive catastrophe which brought us back to our senses.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Note the question-begging here: that these ’emissions’ (whatever the fuck they are) are caused ‘by’ healthcare (whatever the fuck that means) and not as a result of any economic activity in general. The lie that the greens sell to the dunderheaded mass of people who steadfastly refuse to rise up and nail them to trees is that you can still have all the productive stuff that stops us from living under Neolithic conditions without any of the pollution. Of course they’ve sacralised the earth to such an extent they’d be quite happy to move us all back to primitivism (naturally, the greens themselves wouldn’t have to, just the rest of us), but they can’t come right out and say that or else nails/trees. They’re really evil. Between them and the camel fuckers we’ll be lucky to get out alive.

  7. What exactly are we supposed to do, stop using defibrillators?

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much energy we use. What is important is the trash we don’t properly dispose of. I am waiting for someone to notice water vapor is a greenhouse gas as well.

  8. @ Liberal Yank
    Yes, because mavericks are deemed more likely to get heart attacks through not following the current fashion in nostrums from “the people’s medical experts” so abandoning defibrillators will reduce the number of non-sheep. [BTW I haven’t heard a heart attack yet so ignoring fashionable nostrums doesn’t guarantee a heart attack but I doubt that they would listen if you told them.]

    As to water vapour, it is generally accepted that water vapour is a greenhouse gas but virtually no-one worries about increases in H2O vapour as the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is pretty much a function of atmospheric temperature, with any temporary surplus precipitated as rain.

  9. The point is that we used to have a real problem with heavy metals, soot, sulfur dioxide, and the like. At the time no one considered CO2 to be especially dangerous. Don’t discount the ability of eco-warriors to turn the public opinion against something we currently view as safe.

  10. @ Liberal Yank
    Agreed – when I was a kid if we had a north-east wind the clean washing would be covered with soot, people got lead poisoning from pipes designed not to burst in a frost, and while electricity was nationalised sulphuric acid from british power stations poisoned Scandinavian forests. No-one worried about CO2 because CO in the gas used for cooking used to kill people.

  11. People who can do numbers can get lots of other jobs. Why would they want to be journalists?

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