If Brexit happens


it is my hope that by then the EU may also have realised reform us essential and that changes in the free movement of people and capital and the use of People!s QE to fund infrastructure would have all been possible. I. Have to lube in. Hope, but the circumstances for change could have been created by Brexit.

So what Ritchie hopes for is an autarkic economy fueled by money printing. How much more fascist can we get?

Still, gotta love “I have to lube in hope”. Economics and politics to be done as one might visit a gay bath-house.

27 thoughts on “If Brexit happens”

  1. I think sometimes predictive text learns from the user. Min is always getting me into trouble.

  2. Predictive text most definitely learns from the user, and if he’s getting “lube” as a suggestion it’s because he’s been typing it in.

  3. In spades, Mr Lud. Particularly if one’s attempting to write in forrin’. Inadvertently texted my way into a whole world of mierda, last week. WTF is it the default option on touch screen devices, requiring delving down through several levels of settings to disable?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    In my wife’s case predictive text means she sends a message and we have to predict what it meant.

  5. I’m a pretentious, poncey Londoner, Mr in Spain, so I use Froggisms and Latinisms in my texts and, by ‘eck, does the predictive text give me grief. It seems to learn, but only sporadically.

  6. It just indicates how Ritchie write. Bangs with his fists on the iPad as the ideas come to him and then hits send.

    This one was written on Thursday and posted today, so he’s not re-read it since he wrote it. I assume his book editors spend ages correcting what shit spouts forth, probably why he never gets the same publisher twice. As for his students, good luck!

  7. He sat on that posting for a couple of days out of respect for really likeable MP, and then posted it with the mistakes still in.

  8. Just been reading his (largely) typo amended version. (He does read TW!) But how predictive texting managed to generate “I am quite well placed to discuss this with some pretty serious economists and none of us think that is the case.”, fuck knows. Or did he actually write that?

  9. Maybe we’ve all got it wrong, and ‘lube’ is a fond nickname for Lubyanka?

    I do like a bit of smut, though.

  10. Apart from the fun we’re having with his lube (oh the joy) shall we just pause to admire the man’s predictions. It takes talent to make predictions that render hindsight redundant and can be laughed at by the world and dismissed as bollocks beforehand.

  11. The Meissen Bison

    My guess is that he uses vindictive text – it’s the basis of his entire Å“uvre.

  12. “People’s QE” is a perfectly sensible policy under the right circumstances and done properly. As suggested for the Eurozone it could involve the ECB buying bonds of the EIB which could then invest in infrastructure.

    Obviously it depends on the investments being worth making, and only doing it when inflation is too low.

    Richie is right in that the treaties prevent EU central banks from taking unusual measures. We are all Austrian now. That should cheer many on here who will now, no doubt, be voting to Remain 😉

  13. Both the ECB and EIB are essentially–ie in fact–bankrupt organisations are they not?

    I can write them both a cheque for £1,000,0000,0000,0000,0000 pounds tho’ which should cover all financial issues.

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Turning off predictive text is one of the first things I do on acquiring a new phone. It’s fucking useless. What is extremely useful is the suggested replacements thing above the keyboard that gives you three potential matches. The iOS version is really good at divining what I want to write. It’s also very handy for putting in accents when I’m typing Spanish, which otherwise is such a ballsache that most native speakers don’t do it (even though, for example, esta and está mean completely different things). It gets number/gender agreements right, which is muy util.

    The analogue in these august environs would be a preview feature (hint fucking hint).

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