Mass slaughter is the same as being against marriage equality

The hesitancy in certain quarters, including rightwing British pundits on TV as well as American reactionaries, to label this as a homophobic hate crime, plain and simple, at first blush appears puzzling. After all, the standard script these days for political leaders immediately after a terrorist atrocity almost anywhere in the west involves describing an assault on “our values and way of life”, defined to include a degree of tolerance and an aversion to persecuting anybody on grounds of sexuality. The bullishness with which this tolerance is asserted, however, may sometimes be about compensating for the shallowness of its roots. In the UK, for example, Whitehall makes an entirely appropriate stand against bullying laws that Vladimir Putin signs against supposed “pro-gay” propaganda, and yet as recently as the late 1980s the British government was itself drafting statutes purely to spread smears, through the notorious section 28. Indeed, large numbers of serving Conservative MPs declined to back its repeal as recently as 2003. Even more recently, in the last parliament, very many MPs, including a plurality of the Tories, voted against equal civil marriage for gay people.

So, children, can we all say “false equivalence“?

10 thoughts on “Mass slaughter is the same as being against marriage equality”

  1. The narrative is being pushed and pushed hard, until you stupid people start to ignore all the evidence in front of you and THINK LIKE WE TELL YOU TO, DAMN IT!

  2. Just be happy that with every obviously ridiculous false equivalence claim, more people are being turned off by the SJW’s.

  3. The sooner that shitrag is out of business the better.

    Where is Mr Pork Abuse’s promise to cut all the state job ads again?

    Same place as all his other promises.

  4. “homophobic hate crime, plain and simple”

    So the “plain and simple” part of it means nobody may suggest another factor then? You do realise that would be an attitude that instantly undermines all your claims on tolerance?

  5. They have turned the unreality generator up to 11. It’s going to break down soon and then they will be fucked.

  6. As it turns out, Matel himself frequents the very club he shoot up. So he’s not only a homophobe, but a homosexual himself? Let the narrative run.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    There’ve been repressed homosexuals since we crawled out of the primeval ooze. It takes Islam to turn that repression into murdering half a hundred of your unrepressed fellows.

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