Me? I want to own all the airlines flying out of Iceland this week

Icelandic football fans react to knocking England out of Euro 2016 after a 2-1 win.

There has been a claim that some 8% of Iceland’s 330,000 population are over to watch the Euros. That was for the last match, before the knockout stages. I would expect that percentage to increase.

I would actually think it possible that we’re about to have the largest percentage of a domestic population turning up for a foreign game of anything at all.

Well, ever since the Faroe Islands last brought all 25 of their travelling supporters club to a game maybe…..

Jokes aside though, how would we work out what percentage of Iceland is over? And how would we work out whether it was a record?

I looked at the sea of blue shirts in the stadium for the last group game and my immediate thought (no, I am not interested in the game itself) was that there was actually at least a single digits percentage of Iceland’s entire population in that one stadium in France. There were definitely more than 3,300 of them….

5 thoughts on “Me? I want to own all the airlines flying out of Iceland this week”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Half way through the 2nd half I remembered why I stopped watch football 10 years ago.

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