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Will anyone join me in sending a petition to Parliament to insist on replaying last night’s match and refusing to accept any result where the winning team scores fewer than 4 goals and is not leading by at least 2 goals at the final whistle?

According to the BBC and the Guardian the Icelanders are beginning to regret winning and, had they known the full facts before the match, would have given England a 2-goal start.

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  1. I heard the Iceland team didn’t realise that by playing to win they’d have to stay in France until next weekend and play against the French. They thought they were playing for the right to go home. Their team captain said after the match, “It’s all very confusing in these tournaments exactly what winning actually means. We were confused by the referee’s whistle and if we played again would certainly not have kicked the ball towards the England goal.”

  2. I’m not sure this petition is such a good plan. I mean without the support of 2000% of the population of the Vatican City can we be sure it will be taken seriously by the media?

  3. Alternatively: England team now feel they were misled about consequences of letting goals in, didn’t think other team would actually win

  4. Notice how the media has gone very quiet on that referendum once they discovered it was mostly full of fake entries.

  5. I think it is a shame that notwithstanding the aspirations of so many young people to remain in Europe we are going to leave because of the decisions made by a bunch of pensioners.

    Still, that’s football for you.

  6. I tell you what ukliberty. You can have your second referendum. At the same time we’d have had it if the result had gone the other way.

    So you STFU and let us disengage from the EU and then, in a generation’s time, we can have a referendum about rejoining (if the EU still exists).

    Fair enough?

  7. Talking of fish, as we weren’t. Now we get our coastal seas back, we’ll need some more fishery protection vessels to deal with those Spaniards that didn’t get the message. Perhaps in the current euphoria in Iceland we could ask nicely to borrow some of theirs for a while. There’s quite a nice one, if rather old, sitting in Reykjavik harbour as a monument to the last little contretemps:)

  8. I think my favourite comment was on the BBC feed where they said the England team exhibited all the urgency of a Post Office queue, also the suggestion that they had forgotten about one of the goals and thought they were playing for a draw

  9. Jim2, as I said in another thread, I don’t want another second referendum. It was Nigel Farage who suggested we should have one in with this kind of margin. So I’m making light of that, yeah?

  10. Ukliberty. Indeed. And I’ve just given you the timeframe said referendum would have been (if ever) given in. So pipe down for 20 years or do will you?

  11. ukliberty,
    When I voted Leave, I did it without a thought for Farage.

    I don’t recall being told that we were voting for specific people. Did I miss something?

  12. UK liberty. Not a timeframe he’d want it in. The timeframe it would have been given in (if at all).

    It’s really not hard to understand. If the vote had gone the other way all remain politicians would have agreed that this settled the matter for the next generation and that there was work to be done “listening to voters’ concerns” but we should now push for ever greater EU shafting.

    There is no way on God’ green Earth that a second referendum would have taken place within 10 years, and probably at least 20 years, if remain had won.

    So with the boot in the other foot: do STFU for a decade or so, there’s a good chap.

  13. Of course I understand the winners – Leave or Remain – are hardly likely to suggest another round are they?

    Mine was just a little joke, OK? Calm down chap.

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