Muslim cleric is shaky on female reproductive bits

Big surprise, eh?

Robertson was interviewed this evening by Greta van Sustern. Considering it was an interview with a sick bastard who wants us infidels dead, it did have its amusing moments. Among other things, Mr. Robertson gave his weighty opinions on the presidential race. Among his pearls of wisdom was that Hillary would be dangerous as a president because as a woman she might get angry during her menses, and push the button.

Perhaps Mr. Robertson is a little bit shaky on the realities of the female reproductive system (which seems to be the case with most fundamentalist Muslim clerics), but I am pretty sure that Hillary is well past the age when menses, or even menopause, can have the slightest effect on her behavior.

Who wants to break the news to him? It could change his vote!

8 thoughts on “Muslim cleric is shaky on female reproductive bits”

  1. Worse Still – she could hold up a piece of cardboard with “#bringbackourgirls” on it…

    That would have ISIS / Boko Haram shaking in their boots…

  2. Johnnydub,

    That was two years ago, and Wikipedia tells me that the kidnapped girls were aged 16-18. So it’s now #bringbackourwomen

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Killary doesn’t need PMT to push The Button.

    Her coffee being cold will proibably suffice.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    “You are more at risk of dying from a fall in your bathtub.” [quoting Obama, I think, but it doesn’t matter who]

    To use an old milatry saying, this argument grips my shit.

    The bathtub is an inanimate object that doesn’t care about me or my views. Furthermore, I can take steps to avoid injury and death from a bathtub, in my case I don’t have one in the house, preferring showers.

    Radical Islam on the other hand hates me and my views, but there aren’t many steps I can take to avoid death or injury from them and one of the steps I could have taken, gun ownership, has been removed by Government.

    One of the few legitimate roles of Government is defence and protection from terrorists and if they are going to abdicate that responsibility they can fuck off.

    And they wonder why Trump is s popular.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    To be fair, they tend to rapidly lose interest in a girl after she leaves primary school.

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