No Shit Sherlock!

The wildfire trend will likely continue in the Northwest and Southwest throughout the summer.

When does the American west have wildfires? In the summer.

What would we do without the news reporting of Think Progress?

9 thoughts on “No Shit Sherlock!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Wildfires occur in places with 1. trees and 2. few people. Who knew?

    No doubt they will be following up with a detailed study of the excretory habits of Ursine Americans.

  2. Think Progress is this generation’s Weekly Reader (for liberal types, only, though), however, it lacks the sophistication of the latter.

    Given that it was created, and is run, by the cream of the scum of Democratic Party senior operatives (Podesta, Tanden, etc.), you’d think it wouldn’t be so god-awful stupid. Then again, maybe not.

  3. BIS – I think they are blaming those massive fires in Canada on the tar sands industry. When you don’t have tar sands to blame, Trump will have to suffice.

  4. By some amazing coincidence the worst fires happen where greens and Sierra club useful idiots are in charge of forestry management.

  5. Given it was snowing when I drove over the Crowsnest highway earlier this week hopefully it won’t be as much of a problem as last year.
    Just heading off on my annual camping in the Rockies peaceful r&r trip so would be nice to have a campfire this year.

  6. Checking in from rural southwestern Utah …

    Yes, it’s still a desert here.

    Yes, we still have a lot of trees (because most deserts don’t look like the Sahara).

    Yes, we still get thunderstorms, except the rain evaporates on the way down but the lightning does not.

    So, can news be news if it isn’t new? We have a fire burning about 10 miles west of town. Big deal. It’s burning near a road that … the only person I know who has ever driven is me. And firetrucks.

    BTW: summer fire suppression is how most of the airport services businesses across the American west stay open all year.

  7. 2 summers ago I was at my place on Waldo Road, Baynes lake BC when we had a thunderstorm. Afterwards wifey and I walked up the road and found 2 lightning strike fires here.,-115.213688,3a,75y,127.27h,93.81t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqV7DxRR32uXSinYHKaP6cw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    They were small, we reported them after stamping them out.

    Last summer we had a real big lightning strike fire 4 km away, here.

    Got woken up at 1 AM by local volunteer fireman and ordered out. “What happens if I refuse?” sez I. “I call the mounties, they arrest you and drag you away, and not in a happy way, they have better things to do”, sez she. I went, pissing and moaning, checked in at the refugee centre in Jaffray BC, ate donuts with a Brit ex-pat until 3 AM, slept in my van alongside the road, sitting up. Ugh.

    Tried to sneak back to my place at sunup at about 6 AM, lying my arse off to another Brit ex-pat, a volunteer fireman, about how I just wanted to check my place out. He laughed and laughed and sent me away with a flea in my ear about how if he had to be awake and guarding the road from jerks like me returning to the danger zone, I could carry on sleeping in my van and my white clean cool sheets would be a stranger to me.

    I went away and bought him a take-out coffee and a gloopy pastry. Then I had a free breakfast at a local cafe on a government refugee voucher and went home after the real men put the bastard fire down.

    My point is that we here in the North American west have been suffering these fires long enough to have simple and effective systems in place to deal with them. The fires are not new, they have fuck-all to do with global warming.

    Our endless forests sequester huge amounts of very dry carbon which wants desperately to have chemical sex with oxygen, and periodically, it does.

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