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  1. The Inimitable Steve


    Just yesterday Gove was Boris’ right hand man. All BoJo had to do was offer him reasonable assurances and he’d have strolled into Downing Street in due course. There was no other serious opposition. (May will never be PM).

    How did he manage to pull a Roy Hodgson?

  2. I would prefer Andrea, fresh face, capable and importantly, no baggage. Sadly the monstrous May seems to be favourite for some inexplicable reason, and as such Gove will be the safer option at this time.

  3. Really glad about this. Gove is the man for the job, particularly the getting us out of Europe bit. I’d have taken Boris over May (nasty piece of authoritarian baggage she is) but Gove is a far better bet. He’s measured, comes from a normal background (no more Eton jibes), and is ideologically sound. Best news since the vote itself.

  4. Let’s face it though a balloon on a stick with a face drawn on it in felt pen would win against Jeremy ‘Increasingly Demented’ Corbyn or that political titan Angela Eagle.

  5. No surprise about Boris, once Gove had switched. Having seen Boris on deck in the DT newsroom not so many years ago I can confirm that hard work is not his thing: when editing on Sundays, he’d amble down to the back bench, ask if all was OK and fuck off again. Now he doesn’t do his boxes. Tut tut tut. He has changed the course of the country and defenestrated an election winning Tory PM and now gone phut. Balloon bursts. Disgraceful but unsurprising.

    Will be happier going forward with May, chiefly because she stuck it to the hateful cops, but could live with Gove. The future is about more than Brexit, guys. Trust me on this.

  6. I’m in the Andrea Leadsom camp. I think she’s got enormous potential and could be just the right leader for the Independence Years.

    May is just so, so wrong. No enthusiasm. Boris has no passion for Brexit either. Gove, he’s just not someone I see as PM. And isn’t he another Jock? Haven’t we had enough skirtwearers in the top job?

  7. The Tories have a choice, which is pretty healthy, all things considered.

    The more urgent concern is that we have no credible opposition, except in Scotland (like them or not, Sturgeon and Salmond are highly effective).

    And having gone Full Hate on their voter base, Labour will need more than just a competent leader.

  8. I find it interesting that Boris has pulled out.

    Many people said he only fought on the Leave side for political reasons. If so, then why hasn’t he capitalized on the advantage? If he were in the race then he would have a very high chance of winning.

    It seems as though Boris really doesn’t want to be PM. The indicates in turn that maybe he supported the Leave side because he really believes in it.

  9. Blojo will have some self-serving plan in mind.

    As for the SNP the first action of a new Prime Minister should be to front the Fish Faced Hag and tell her that there will be substantial cuts to the Scottish Budget unless the “named person” and “football chants” crap is dropped.

    They can do it quietyl–say a change of heart about FC and the NP scheme is just not viable and thus they will save face. If they choose not to –then it all goes public. The new PM telling them that while the UK is the UK no part of it is going to be turned into East Germany.

    The SNP can try for leave –but with a topic that no decent person would support them on. And a message would be sent that any SNP run Scotland would be on the slippery slope to socialist tyranny quicker than you count to 15 or 45.

  10. I think people are right that Boris wanted Remain to win narrowly. Then he could have had the reputation of being a prominent Leaver in his campaign to be Cameron’s successor without the hard work of overseeing any sort of Brexit.

  11. Boris hasn’t been in parliament long enough to have built up any rapport with Tory MPs. His reputation doesn’t help either. It would seem Gove didn’t get the assurances he wanted so he lost support there. Bit of a shambles really, very Boris.

  12. Meanwhile, in Labour la la land, at the launch of a report into antisemitism in the Labour party, Jezza compares Israel to Isis, and a Jewish MP is abused.

    Just like they’re so convinced they’re antifascist they don’t see their own fascism, they’re so convinced they’re not antisemitic that they just don’t see it…

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    One of the few civil servants that I worked with and respected worked on the Olymics and had a lot to do with Boris. His view was the Sam as John’s, an idle bastard.

  14. I wondered if the well-documented private and family life of Boris Johnson could climax in his Waterloo moment.

    (The above is googleable. But the results may or may not be enlightening. Did someone wheel out a smear?)

    But it doesn’t seem to have been that which brought her down.

    However, rumours have been rife that there is some scandal in the offing that would have taken BoJo down if he had gone any further. Don’t think it is the aforementioned Waterloo moment not least since Boris wasn’t there.)

  15. > find it interesting that Boris has pulled out. Many people said he only fought on the Leave side for political reasons. If so, then why hasn’t he capitalized on the advantage? If he were in the race then he would have a very high chance of winning.

    He was struggling to get enough MP votes anyway, and once Gove withdrew his support he was finished. Would have been eliminated in the early rounds.

  16. Anybody here have a pointer as to what the scandal or smoking gun might have been?

    Somebody generally well-informed reckoned it would involve news from Scotland.

    I have also heard it speculated that Amber Rudd was hinting at something when she claimed in one of the Brexit debates that Boris was the life and soul of the party, but she wouldn’t trust him to drive her home afterwards. That is either a hint or an absolutely foul personal attack, one of the two.

  17. Gove is generally recognised to be Neoconservative in his instincts. Not what the country needs right now. And he’s another frickin’ Scot.

  18. Minister of State at DECC

    On 11 May 2015, Leadsom was appointed as Minister of State at the Department for Energy and Climate Change,[19] despite her previous opposition to wind farms and European Renewable energy targets.[20]

    Hmmm.. So does she believe in the CO2 dragon or was her endorsement of the plan to run a twenty-first century economy on a fifteenth century electricity generating system a cynical political ploy?

    Anyone who cannot see that the DECC plans for our energy systems over the next twenty years are not only disastrous but useless for their intended purpose, (unless their intended purpose is to funnel money to the corporatists feeding at the trough), is not suitable to lead us into the brave new world of independance, but anyone who cynically supports a disastrous policy for her own political gain may not be the one we need either.

    Now that the husky-hugger has gone, she needs to start making some credible noises about chucking the whole Climate Change nonsense out of the window to gather my vote.

  19. IanB–I agree but what are the choices. UNDER NO CIRCS can brain-dead dross like May be allowed in.

    Gove may have neocon leanings but he must know we don’t have a neocon budget. It is his interest to focus on Brexit and economic sorting. If he is sharp he must see a storm coming.

    I hate all poli-pigs. But avoiding a Brexit/migrant double cross is a matter of national survival.

  20. “Anna Soubry is backing May. which should light up the #anyonebutmay hashtag.”

    God, Anna Soubry is a cunt. That, and the fact that May as said we shouldn’t withdraw from the ECHR means full steam ahead for #anyonebutMay.

    I love Gove – to see him wipe the floor with the Eurocrats would be an absolute pleasure…

  21. Chris Miller. Andrea Leadsom said she would cancel HS2 on LBC this afternoon. Gove and Leadsom could be the dream ticket.

  22. By the way, stock up on tins and paraffin this winter, we only got through the last one due to the Channel interconnect, and France might be in a mood to pull the plug this year just for fun. Our years of glorious greenism in energy policy have made us rather vulnerable.


    I do not like Gove. I want Leadsom for the leadership. May can be Minister For The Cones Hotline, and George Osborne can be ambassador to a very small, very far away country of which we no little.

  23. And can somebody please switch off whatever infernal machinery is keeping the dessicated corpse of Michael Heseltine animated?

  24. The Meissen Bison

    Ian B: George Osborne can be ambassador to a very small, very far away country of which we no little.

    Well we do know that it is now two countries and they neither of them deserve Osborne.

    Why not send him to defence? He’s savaged the budget there for six years – let him deal with the consequences.

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