Not sure they’ve grasped how this works yet

Would Vice President Christie help or hurt Trump’s White House chances?

VP Christie would be rather a boost really. Because the only that that would happen is if Trump is P, no?

6 thoughts on “Not sure they’ve grasped how this works yet”

  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    It’s old, I know, but a classic:
    Q: What’s the most dangerous place in America?
    A: Between Chris Christie and the buffet table.

    Boom, boom. Thank you and good night. I’ll be here all week. Please remember to tip your waitress. And do try the veal.

  2. “Because the only that that would happen”

    I presume you mean, “Because the only *way* that would happen”.

    But how can Mr Indepedence Himself be wasting his time with this footling trivia and Murphybollocks, when you and your boys gave out one hell of a beating? Forget Murphy for a while, he’s last week’s chip wrapping. (Actually, he’s not even chip wrapping. He’s electronic chip-wrapping.)

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    Poor Chris Krispie. He lost a ton of weight for his Presidential run, but he’ll always be known as “the fat guy”.

    He’d be a decent pick for Trump tho. Articulate, aggressive, lots of experience, plus he was one of the first major establishment figures to support Trump – and we know Trump rewards loyalty.

    I’m not sure he adds anything new to the ticket though, being another brash, no-bullshit, North Easterner. That’s not going to help win over more Southern and Midwestern voters.

    Also he’d be more of an obvious than inspired choice, and we know Trump can’t resist the attention-grabbing flourish.

    I reckon Trump will go for somebody surprising. Newt would be an interesting pick, because he’s an interesting guy, tho my American amigos don’t seem to like or rate him very much. The lovely Sarah Palin’s moment has passed.

    So I’m betting on Hulk Hogan.

  4. I’m betting on Dave ‘Southern Boy’ Cameron. Why do you think he resigned? The referendum? That? You think he cared about that? No, he will soften the Donald’s harsher personality aspects with his Cantabrigian* feminine wiles, while bringing in his own Bogdanorish analysis to rout any lingering Cruzian free-market nonsense, and in doing so win a far bigger and tougher prize, unifying several world heavyweight championships under the one roof.

    Either that, or he’ll do blow-jobs for whoever Obama tells him to.

    *Actually Oxonian. But Cantabrigian sounds better.

  5. Chris Christie couldn’t win re-election in New Jersey right now, and I’m not sure adding an East Coast blowhard to a ticket headed by another East Coast blowhard actually balances anything. All the jerkoffs working for the mainstream media in NYC may like his act, but Christie doesn’t play in places like Ohio, Oklahoma and Montana.

    It’s kind of like balancing the Democratic ticket by adding Elizabeth Warren… Adding a post-menopausal harpy to a ticket headed by a post-menopausal harpy doesn’t really add up to diversity.

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