Note the the Eurocrats

Talk is that you’re going to stop using English and use instead some mix of French and German.

You do know that English is a mix of French and German do you?

16 thoughts on “Note the the Eurocrats”

  1. More Germanic chips with French ketchup, I’d say.

    The EU knows perfectly well that it is simply going to have to change the rules to allow English to be used. Danuta Huebner has said as much.

    Pity, because, enthusiast for minority languages though I am, the prospect of the Irish MEPs suddenly having to actually speak it for the first time since their schooldays had definite comic appeal. I believe 2 of the 11 could manage it.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Farage was good. Le Pen was even better. In fact the Eurocrats may have to drop French too and settle for a mix of German with extra added German.

  3. English is one of the official languages of Malta. Since I can’t imagine that the EU is going to use Maltese, presumably it really ought to use English.

    Mind you, the other obvious option is to use Latin. Compulsory use of Latin. Ita vero.

  4. BigFire, yes, Ireland’s still in the EU – but according to The Irish Times and other sources there were suggestions that since “Irish is Ireland’s official EU nominated language and Maltese is Malta’s official language” there were no states left with English as their official EU nominated language, which would mean it couldn’t be used. A left wing French politician called Jean-Luc Melenchon also said that English couldn’t be a working language of the European Parliament any more.

    Boringly, the EU have hastened to say that the necessary changes to the rules will take place.

  5. Natalie,

    I presume that’s to allow the politicians to select “utter bollocks” as their language of choice and then make it the translators’ problem to turn it in to something vaguely approximating an attempt at sense?

  6. I always assumed that the only reason the US wanted the UK to stay in the EU was so they didn’t have to translate the proceedings in Brussels or indeed any EU phone calls they intercepted. Now they just have to wait until the Hispanics take over.

  7. To hell with Marine- no different from any other French politco. Marion is the only principled Le Pen left in the FN. And just to add to the confusion, she resembles Marianne, symbol of the French republic, more than Marine does.

  8. If the wee besom gets her way, maybe the EU will adopt Scots as an official language. But Southern Scots, West mid-Scots, East mid-Scots or Northern Scots?

  9. @dearieme – as an 18-year veteran of the Northern Isles, now safely resident again in Englandshire, I’d insist on Doric being represented. Even if it is mainly the north-east that pretends Doric was culturally important.

  10. The Meissen Bison

    I thought Marine le Pen looked smiling and serene amongst all those rather cross europeople and of course Brexit suits her down to the ground as was reflected in her rather graceful and congratulatory (Vive Le Royaume Uni, Vive La France) speech.

    If anyone is sufficiently obsessive to try the European Commission Audio Visual Service can I draw your attention to the different language options since this thread is about language?

    The trick is to select a language you have absolutely no knowledge of and you will find that this cuts out all the predictable wooden platitudes and leaves you with all the gesticulations and visual histrionics accompanied by the measured tones of a translator whose meaning is quite impenetrable to you. This is where mystery and mime converge and it will contribute to your enjoyment if you can overlook that you paid for it all.

  11. Most Germans speak English passably but very few of them speak French. It’s even worse the other way. Maybe they should go back to Latin.

  12. If the Scots get back in, will they have the balls to go with “Scots” as their language?

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