Oh, well done!

I can hear the cries of protest already: in a group situation failure to file the accounts of a few companies on time could resist in an immediate ban from office. And I agree, that is true, and wholly foreseeable. So do the accounts three months early just in case is my obvious, and wholly reasonable, response.

This, I think, is an idea whose time has come, even if I admit I have only just thought of it.

What joy. This comes from the man behind the Fair Tax Mark which, err, filed its accounts late, didn’t it?

8 thoughts on “Oh, well done!”

  1. Murphy has an excuse…..

    “We continually have a problem with that register

    It is not of course Companies House

    And returns seem to take – in many cases – extraordinary times to be submitted

    The accounts went to movers in June 2015”

    It’s “no tolerance” for others and “it’s different” for him.

  2. This utterly stupid and frighteningly pompous cunt thinks that every idea’s time has only come once he thinks of it.

    Next week another ‘thought’ will have burped into his ‘brain’, like swamp gas, and it’s ‘time will have come’.

  3. 3 months ahead????? In what strange world is he living – I thought he was an accountant.

    Couple of years ago I did quite a bit of work with a multinational re-organising their finance accountabilities which meant by the end I had a pretty good idea how it all fits together. Doing it 3 months early would make them break a whole chunk of GAAP rules for starters.

  4. Better three hours too early than a minute too late.

    William Shakespeare.

    He thought of it when he was 28.

  5. 3 months, he’s joking surely, starting the week before quarter end used to be ok when I worked in that field

  6. “Do the accounts” or start them? You cannot do accounts for any significant entity in a day. What about post-balance-sheet-date-events that affect the valuation of assets and liabilities?

    Is there no end to Murphy’s ignorance of accounting?

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