Osborne’s about to find out something

George Osborne will not contest Tory leadership race
The chancellor intends to remain in current role following election of new leader and seeks to calm post-Brexit market volatility

Chancellor serves at the whim of the PM.

Not entirely obvious that the next one will want him.

7 thoughts on “Osborne’s about to find out something”

  1. Hehe

    “So it is clear that while I completely accept the result, I am not the person to provide the unity my party needs at this time.”

    ‘My party’. Any thought to what your country needs or wants? I think you haven’t quite completely accepted the result.

    Have the balls to resign (well he hasn’t resigned but he has said he will) like your boss did.

    Where’s that emergency budget?

  2. He might have managed it after a reasonable performance yesterday, had he not gone back to whining about the result today and sticking to “I told you so”.

  3. He has the experience and the name recognition though. Would the next PM dare to replace him with someone untried and untested, in such turbulent times?

  4. The idea of Chancellors serving in the job for years and years as PM in waiting is a Blair Era innovation. They normally moved around like other ministers.

    Either John Redwood or Andrea Leadsom get my vote.

    Not that my vote matters, because I am stupid, uneducated and over 30.

  5. About as likely to be Chancellor this time next year as Amber Rudd. Best thing for her would be to leave her at DECC and give her a new boss, Nigel Lawson. Actually I would raid the Lords for a whole load of cabinet positions on the basis the commons are stacked with talentless clones. In fact I would put Matt Ridley into DECC bring back Hague to negotiate a trade deal with the US and put Rees Mogg and Owen Paterson in the thick of things to take down the blob and common purpose grads everywhere

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Not that my vote matters, because I am stupid, uneducated and over 30.”

    The twitter meltdown is evidence that we need to raise the minimum voting age to 30, if not higher.

    Mark T,

    When I was working on the Government’s Mobile Infrastructure Project I heard one senior DEFRA civil servant, or “official” as they like to think of themselves, refer to Owen Patterson as the “swivel eyed loons’ swivel eyed loon”. I’d set him back there with the instruction to clean out the Aegean Stables. He could start with all those responsible for the rural payments debacle then move on to those responsible for the flooding of the Somerset Levels.

  7. Not surprising the next leader is most probably the one that deals with all the crap and pisses off so many people they are booted out, with such a close result it’s entirely possible that both sides are unhappy with the final negotiated position. Stepping back then stepping in later to clean up is the better option

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