So, Torygraph access

That incognito trick on chrome no longer seems to work. Any tips for other ideas?

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  1. On Firefox, Options/Privacy/Remove individual cookies seems to work. But close any Telegraph pages before you do it.
    Needs to be repeated each time the paywall screen comes up.

    There was a time it would have been worthwhile paying for the Torygraph online. It resembled a newspaper. Now? Who’d bother?

  2. I’m using Opera on my tablet and have been for some time (Nexus 7). I have never seen anything remotely like a firewall at any time.
    On my desktop I use Vivaldi and also have no issues.
    Vivaldi is now my main browser, fantastically customisable, well recommended, but it take a little work to get it right.

  3. Opera before they went all Chrome-lite was glorious. One of the few pieces of software I actually paid for.

  4. The torygraph has plunged vertiginously over the last few months. They still have a few good columnists, but otherwise th Mail has the same content plus a few extra birds with big tits in bikinis, and no issues.

    There was a time when I might haave paid for the torygraf but certainly no longer.

  5. Still works for me a minute ago. You need to close all chrome windows and start again when the T.graph says your time it up

  6. In Chrome, Settings > Advanced > Privacy > Content Settings > Manage Exceptions:

    I have “[*.] Block” and never have any trouble with the paywall.

    Not sure I could be bothered to do anything if their systems changed though, for all the reasons given above.

  7. I have “pocket” installed in chrome browser, from the rss feed i save to pocket and then read it, two extra clicks of the mouse but it always works. As a bonus the stories are stored until i delete them

  8. I gave up on DT a while ago and am only a rare visitor for Booker, but I think they have reduced views from 10 to 1 before you need to purge Cookies, although it may depend which articles you want to read.

    DT seems to be keen to reduce its readership in keeping with reducing its journalists, its quality and anything worth reading.

  9. I’ve not had a problem if I close all the incognito tabs down
    Never been challenged when browsing from my phone

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