So when does Concorde fall on our heads?

Brexit, 3 wins in Oz, haven’t heard of the traditional batting collapse yet. So, err, when does it all go wrong?

15 thoughts on “So when does Concorde fall on our heads?”

  1. The sport I don’t care about.

    Brexit –it doesn’t because now we need to go after our CM foes like a rabid ratter on medmain.

    Start pushing wherever you can. We won the Wars both 1 and 2 and lost the peace twice over. Because of politics and the fact most people won’t think and reason.

    Not this time. The CM scum spew their lies 24/7/365.

    We must get the truth out just as forcefully.

  2. Just been making same point to Aussies. Brexit, 3-0 to England, 0-3 to Wales, 256 for 0, June 2016 has been a great month.

  3. Francis… you miserable old bugger….

    Entirely possible of course; this England team are pretty shit. Not as shit as Hodgson’s leadership mind you.

  4. Downside for us up here is we’re about to go through the collective insanity of another debate on an independence referendum.

    Hopefully Wee Jimmie Krankie is just playing to appease her core vote. Even she must know it would be suicidual to press for another referendum now.

  5. @GlenDorran: I hope that incoming PM pushes for an English vote on kicking out the Scots. That should kill the idea north of the border.

  6. @Glendorran: if there is another Scottish referendum it’ll be a very sombre affair compared to the last one. The SNP won’t really want it (because the last thing they want to do is win it and have to run a sort of Greece-by-the-North-Sea) so will campaign in a far less bombastic way, and will completely remove the land of milk and honey shtick. They’ll end up saying things like ‘Well, yes we would be worse off for a few years, and taxes would have to rise, and spending fall, but independence will be worth all the pain!!!’. Safe in the knowledge that there’s no way more than 35% of the Scottish public would vote for such a scenario, ending the matter for good. Then with one bound they’d be free to go back to doing what they want to do, namely spending English money, claiming the credit for doing so, and blaming Westminster for any problems that arise.

  7. GlenDorran: By the EUs own rules it would mean Greek-style yoghurt–sorry, austerity.

    The Fish-Faced Hag surely can’t imagine that would fly even among the faithful. The EU could dump its own rules but then they are taking on more economic trouble just when they don’t need it. Scotland would be an outflow of borrowed?printed? cash they can’t afford. For what advantage worth having?

    The only result is that all Scots who value freedom and prosperity would be moving south of the border.

    Also GlenDorran can you tell me–is their no resistance to this “named person” shite in Scotland ? The Scots have never seemed to me to be the kind of folk who would put up with the state becoming the 3rd and controlling parent.

  8. Mr Ecks:

    Yes, there is growing opposition to it as more people start to realise what it means. The increased number of Tory MSPs should mean a bit more scrutiny.

    And both you and Jim are correct: Scots are as stupid as anyone else, but even we won’t vote for the likely outcome of an independent Scotland.

  9. @GlenDorran: The part that really makes me laugh about Scotland’s EU membership application is thatas a new member without the benefit of the UK’s opt-out they would have to adopt the euro, although Scotland’s exports to the eurozone are £11billion a year and exports to the UK are £48 billion.

  10. > … laugh about Scotland’s EU membership application
    > is thatas a new member without the benefit of the UK’s opt-out
    > they would have to adopt the euro,

    might not the Scots argue that they are ALREADY in the EU and it is England/Wales/N.Ireland that are leaving the EU and that Scotland are REMAINING in the EU under the current conditions of no Schengen and no Euro and a rebate

  11. They are not in the EU in their own right and to be a successor country to the UK and retain any of the UK’s rights they would have to hold a referendum and negotiate independence before the UK invokes article 50. In any event the EU would not permit them to use sterling because they don’t control it and their own currency would be too risky.

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