Sorry? In the universities?

Let’s be clear, neoliberalism is hegemonic in our universities.

But, what?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    He is being fired from whatever sh!thole gave him a job?

    I am pretty sure neo-liberalism isn’t hegemonic even in Economics Departments. But it is probably close.

  2. Let’s be clear

    Let me be clear (as if anyone was trying to prevent it)

    I want to be quite clear about this


    Great Blair neologisms, which mean, “listen, while I tell you what I think I can get away with”

  3. It’s of a piece with assumptions like ‘the BBC is Tory’ or ‘Neoliberal’ – the latter a code word in Murphy’s world for someone whose assumptions don’t tally 100% with his. Rob is correct (as ever) – there’s really no difference between this and someone like David Icke or Alex Jones – a fringe crank….

  4. He is rather more vexed than usual. Hat tip to TMB. The whole neoliberal hegemonic university rant really was melt-down stuff. I’m looking forward to the next instalment.

  5. We need a concerted effort to get him over the edge somehow.

    He’s sliding further down the slippery slope to being institutionalised, and I don’t mean tenure as an academic in a university.

  6. The Meissen Bison

    I’m consigned to the troll bucket now.

    Murphy suggested that I and another poster, GD (our own GD perhaps?), were identical and then this from one of the stalwarts:

    Keith Fletcher says:
    June 6 2016 at 10:31 pm
    GD/Meissen Bison – I believe it was you complaining about your right to waste Richard’s time and blog space, I was merely making an observation about the lack of intelligent and worthwhile debate in your contributions.

    To which I replied helpfully thus:

    Let me walk you through this slowly, Keith.

    Richard Murphy bemoans the threats to free speech.

    I suggest that he stops putting his blue censor’s pencil quite so frequently through the contributions of visitors to his blog with whom he disagrees.

    This might make for more interesting reading than is currently the case since the fauna here largely belong to the same claque.

    Granted, an intruder is occasionally allowed through but generally to serve as an aunt sally for the regulars and to receive a magisterial put-down by Richard Murphy.

    The point you make about wasting time is a poor one: not every comment requires intervention from the rapid rebuttal team.

    but never made it past the blue pencil. It’s quite funny in a sad sort of way.

  7. The original blog post hinted at reasons behind his considering stopping blogging. Most of us thought they were something to do with his grants. But this bizarre comment that neoliberalism is rampant in universities makes me wonder if his 0.2 employer is asking him to tone down the idiocy and overt political campaigning.

  8. TMB

    Keith Fletcher is such a buffoon I can only assume he is a spoof – however, given his prolific commenting he may well make the ‘Big Four’ into the ‘Big Five’ – he doesn’t really offer anything beyond wanton sycophancy though – (no references to Mass Murder or old Stalinist ideology) so it may take a while to include him in the same bracket as Wilcox, Dickie or Horrocks…..

  9. The Meissen Bison


    Well if we take The Famous Five as an exemplar, then the fifth member was a doggie and thus a junior partner.

    I’ve decided to forget what he was called but sadly it wasn’t Keith.

  10. TMB

    The GD that RM and Fletcher thought was you is, in fact, me. I have to use GD at the moment to get comments through (not 100% successful)

    Does anyone know who Fletcher is?

  11. The Meissen Bison

    Hello Max – so nice to meet myself at last!

    As to your question, the ‘what’ is easier than the ‘who’.

  12. Diogenes

    That’s the Keith Fletcher I recall being a man from Essex myself – the cricketer always struck me as reasonably sensible – I wonder why someone so self-evidently deranged is using that moniker?

  13. If you have an agenda on a blog it’s understandable that there has to be some sort of editorial control.

    You lot are just as sycophantic to Timothy. The fact is, this blog contains nothing meaningful so it’s it’s fine to let everything through.

    Christ, here I was thinking that some of you are adults.

    Mental spastics.

  14. The Meissen Bison

    Arnie – is this rebranding or coming out of the closet?

    Some examples please of which of us you thought were adults? (Please, not me!)

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