Sorry matey, doesn’t work that way

The petition, set up by William Oliver Healey, said: “We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the Remain or Leave vote is less than 60% based on a turnout less than 75%, there should be another referendum.”

You could have put this into the rules, or the law, which called the referendum, that’s true. Something was like that in the last Scottish referendum but one I think. But post facto, just because you lost, no, sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

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  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    The Left – bad losers at everything.

    Down in my part of the world we had 60-40 Leave based on a 79% turnout.
    Pretty decisiove I’d say, can we have extra independence ?

    Having said that; I was well impressed by the Gibraltar vote. I wonder who the 832 Leavers were… I bet even the apes voted Remain there. Whoever takes charge had better not cock-up their status, or nearly hand them back like that craven traitor Straw tried to do.

  2. It’s still hilarious and will be for some time. The result, politicians in the UK, Europe and EU flapping, Ritchie having a melt down, social media, lefties, Hodge vs. Corbyn and so on. All going fucking bananas. I just can’t order enough popcorn.

  3. Has Osborne announced the date of the emergency budget yet?
    Because if that turned out to be a lie, he would have to resign as well, right?

  4. Is there anyway you can shed Scotland and ask them to join the European Union that they obviously like more than England? Not that European Union will take them without England.

  5. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Frank Field was on Today just now talking massive sense. It’s so depressing, If Labour were entirely populated by people like him or the lovely Ms Hoey, they’d never be out of power. Instead we end up with IRA-supporting-surrender-monkeys like Corbyn or utter morons like Emily Thornberry, Hilary Benn and Fabbotpotamus, not to mention all the Blairite shysters.

  6. The Inimitable Steve



  7. Under those rules they would be calling referendums for quite sometime, maybe he should add a best of 3 out of 5 clause

  8. Had Remain won 50.1 to 49.9 and Nigel had set up a petition based on the same premise, how greatly would these bastards have derided the Leavers for not accepting the result.

    They can all piss off with knobs on, we won, live with it.

    The English were denied the right to vote for Scottish independence, it may be that they’ve now killed two birds with one stone, voted out of the EU and for Scottish independence with the one vote.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s quite reasonable to argue that changing a constitution should require a higher than 50% +1 vote and as far as I’m aware countries with written ones have that rule.

    However, we were told time and again that the Lisbon Treaty wasn’t a constitution so it would have been hard to argue for a higher standard that 50% +1 for the referendum.

  10. We all remember the Remainers saying the referendum was all about democracy, don’t we? Surely people who say that wouldn’t then ignore the result and try to rig the next one? That would imply they were dishonest and cynical.

  11. The real idea of a constitution is to restrain political scum from promoting the kind of tyranny that suits political scum.

    Constitutions should be hard to change because they should defend freedom.

    Of course if the constitution is a POS written to implement political dictat then making them hard to change is a bad thing.

    In the Referendum we had lots of people who wanted out. We had a small group of scum who are mostly middle-class, well-off cultural Marxists who kiss the EUs arse BECAUSE it promotes socialistic tyranny. And a much larger group of remainers who don’t care about principals but only figured the EU would be a the best chance of keeping up their prosperity,

    In as much as they were wrong about that and in as much that more freedom = more prosperity –then most of the former remain voters will come to see that the EU was a drag on their wealth not a guarantor of it.

    Thus the chances of future support for the EU will be confined to overt enemies of this nation. CM scum and politically-oriented crooks.

  12. I’m just waiting for the first article saying: “62.6% of the electorate didn’t vote for Brexit…”

  13. Had Remain won 50.1 to 49.9 and Nigel had set up a petition based on the same premise, how greatly would these bastards have derided the Leavers for not accepting the result.

    In May Nigel said a second referendum ought to follow a 52-48 referendum result.

    But what’s done is done and we should work together to make the best of it.

  14. @ukliberty

    Farage called a close result “unfinished business”.

    Eventually, yes, with a close result there probably should be another referendum. Say in a generation’s time, 20 years, something like that.

    So yes, as a Leaver, that does mean I think having a referendum on joining in a generation’s time is reasonable.

  15. The EU won’t exist in 30 years time.

    And in twenty–if it hasn’t gone already–it would be like trying to sell tickets for a cruise on an already down by the bows Titanic.

  16. Yep, even *Remain of SE16* here agrees with that: there can no complaining; no saying it wasn’t fair and we need another go; and nothing but contempt for the Twittering fools who say they’ve made a terrible mistake.

    One question though, for when you’ve all stopped tugging yourselves off: how do the victors meet the expectations of those who voted for them?

  17. how do the victors meet the expectations of those who voted for them?

    We didn’t vote for them.

    We voted to tell the existing and continuing government to implement a policy change: that change being to withdraw from the EU. It’s up to that continuing government to make of that the best job possible.

    Or are you suggesting that we are governed by a bunch of petulant fools that will deliberately fuck it all up just to spite 52% of the electorate?

  18. 1,000,000 sigs huh? That’s 15,000,000 remain voters who aren’t so bothered about trying again.

  19. The Meissen Bison

    Why should these remainders be so hung up about voting for stuff?

    They want to vote to continue relinquishing to Brussels issues that they would otherwise have got a vote on?

  20. Larri: Don’t count or your own longevity son.

    How many leftist scumbags have been done in by their own gang.

    If you support a hate cult you shouldn’t be surprised if bad things happen to you.

    Like Trotsky–and please the comparison ends there.

    In your case they would probably poison one of your free in-house burgers.

    So you would die of the Trots–so to speak.

    Its a shame–it would be much more just if a quality team of leftist hitmen smashed you and put a Black & Decker thro you skull–but only after they put your face on your own grill for 30 seconds or so.

    Ah well, the quality of everything is down 300% since the 1930s.

  21. Those were easily fudged Not a major turning point. Too late for the EU scams division. The die is now cast.

  22. Hmmm. Obviously the referendum result stands and has to be honoured.

    But since there will be a leave deal on the table sometime in the next 2-3 years, which spells out the actual terms of departure, on what democratic grounds would we be denied a referendum on accepting or rejecting that deal? Give the people a vote on a better known future than an unknown future?

    What could be more democratic? Less elitist?

  23. BiG, fair point. But surely, the referendum at that point would be “leave with these terms; or leave without these terms” as we the electorate have already chosen to leave.

  24. @CJ Nerd, June 25, 2016 at 8:34 am
    “I’m just waiting for the first article saying: “62.6% of the electorate didn’t vote for Brexit…”

    BT CEO was on BBC Today yesterday saying that 60% were pro Remain



  25. As a proud Welshman I am not sure which makes me the happiest, Wales getting to the quarter finals of the Euro’s or Wales as a country overwhelmingly voting leave. William Oliver Healy shall we keep having referendums until we get the result you want. Knob!

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