Nicola Sturgeon said she wanted to ‘protect Scotland’s place in the EU’
But Brussels civil servants snubbed her, saying whole of UK must exit
Sturgeon called for another Scotland referendum during negotiations
But Brussels said if it voted to leave, it would have to re-apply for EU

And they wouldn’t pass the economic tests if they did apply either.

Budget deficit is way too large, by some 5 or 6% of GDP. Actually, would love to see them selling some real austerity as part of a bid to rejoin. Would be fun to see the squealing, wouldn’t it?

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  1. And check Sturgeon’s exact words. She may sound very bullish on the referendum but is not actually, actually calling for one. She knows damn well that any campaign would founder on the same.currency rock the last one did: she simply mustn’t admit they will have to adopt the Euro, which is a legal requirement of joining.

    Watch for each wild claim of the Apocalypse steadily falling away.

  2. Unfortunately there is a collective madness up here amongst a sizeable proportion of the population.

    Who knows what they will do, rational argument counts for nothing

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    From what I’ve observed in my life time Scots* in general have gone from being quite a conservative but fun people to English haters whose hatred has so blinded them that would likely vote for economic suicide rather than admit that they are better off in a UK outside the EU than independent.

    But that’s their choice, those of you who aren’t English haters and are productive, in my mind the group has a very high overlap, are more than welcome to come and join us.

    (*My first Sergeant Major was Scots Guardsman when in joined up in 1972 and a great bloke as were most Scots I served with and the people I met on golf tours)

  4. The Beeb is reporting that Sturgeon is going to stop us leaving by vetoing it in Holyrood.

    That’s going to endear her to all those in the north who voted overwhelmingly to leave.

    Did Cameron and the remainers mention border wars in their doomsday forecasts.

  5. Kevin B: the Holyrood “consent” thing is just a constitutional courtesy and has no bearing on anything. Just another bit of meat for her to throw to her supporters.

    I keep telling myself that even she can’t be stupid enough to believe independence is right, but who knows.

    I’m once again starting to plot out my longer term future. Big insurers I could work at in both York and Bristol (already done the London thing); both seem pretty nice places to live if you have a bob or two.

  6. The Laughing Cavalier

    Salmond and Co. couldn’t make the figures add up when oil was $150 a barrel. There isn’t a hope in hell of an independent Scotland surviving now that it is $50 a barrel.

  7. “The Beeb is reporting that Sturgeon is going to stop us leaving by vetoing it in Holyrood.”

    I just voted in my flat to kick Scotland out of the Union. Oh shit, I don’t have the power to do that. Just like you, Nicola.

    Scotland is in the grip of a lunatic political cult.

  8. GlenDorran

    As it happens I’m in Bristol over the next couple of days. Yes, a superb place. And once you’ve driven out of town on the road towards Weston-super-Mare you will never wish to leave. The MP is Liam Fox; another Scot with no intention of ever leaving Somerset.

  9. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    JC Juncker was on German TV Friday night, he looked utterly defeated, but he said something very interesting towards the end of the interview.

    He was asked “How many EU members do you foresee in 5 years time ?”
    He replied “27”
    “You don’t foresee any new members ?”
    “Those that are in the queue do not fulfil the entrance criteria. After the regrettable exit of UK I see 27 members.”

    He went on “We should see what happens domestically in Britain and watch what is happening in Scotland and Ireland.”

    didn’t you mean
    And when you get to Weston super Mare you just die.

  10. “He went on “We should see what happens domestically in Britain and watch what is happening in Scotland and Ireland.”

    Through the bottom of a glass no doubt.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Just returned from lunch with some friends who’ve been watching de Welt. Apparently Schauble has been muttering about UK getting sum sort of Associate membership.

    Drunker can lob about all the threats he likes but with us gong the Germans really are going to run the show that they are paying for.

  12. BiND, the Nats essentially use similar arguments to those the Leave side used in the Brexit campaign: take back control from a foreign power that’s just too different from us to ever work. Obviously, there are zoomers up here who hate the English but it’s a small minority.

    In my experience of Nat-supporting friends, reason abandons them when you talk about the finances of the country. The fact we run the highest budget deficits in Europe, and have done for years, is dismissed as a straight-up lie from an English establishment determined to trap us. These are normally rational people but the rush to conspiracy thinking on that topic is scary as fuck.

  13. @Hugh:

    Spot on.

    If anyone wants more background on this then the superb Kevin Hague (chokkablog) has done forensic analysis of the state of Scotland’s finances (in short – they don’t look good). His source is the Scottish Government’s own published figures, yet even notionally sensible people dismiss them as Westminster propaganda.

    There’s little hope.

  14. GlenDorran: I agree with you as far as Scotland goes.

    The Kevin Hague fellow is mostly interested in money. One commentator lays out the true nature of the EU for him and he said it was “strident” (which it wasn’t –it was reasoned and accurate) and he wouldn’t read past the first few lines.

    How much of what is going on up there is Scottish Patriotism , the wanting of an independent country back again and how much is pure hatred of the English? This surely can’t be about Thatcher and pathetic “austerity” cuts. If Thatcher had left Scotland littered with hacked and bleeding corpses like some latter Duke of Cumberland it might be understandable.

    It seems almost a hatred born of socialistic poison rather than national animosity. Dump the English and get a far worse pack of cunts in –who will show what being bossed about really means–and that is love of Scotland? Love of socialistic tyranny more like.

    Scotland’s abusive relationship with socialism will be the death of your country unless it can be halted and reversed.

  15. GlenDorran,

    Bristol is about the only city I like. It’s about as small as a city with all the features you want like work, nightlife, culture, shopping, restaurants can be. York’s a bit small and touristy.

  16. The Scottish budget deficit for 2014/2015 is 9.7% of GDP according to government figures.

    I don’t understand why they want austerity under the EU but not austerity under the Tories, though I have my theories.

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