The pomposity, it hurts

Election law does not allow publication of anything that might seek to influence a voter whilst polling stations are open.

I reckon the reach of this blog is sufficient to require my compliance with this law.

Dear Lord that’s some pompous gittery isn’t it?

32 thoughts on “The pomposity, it hurts”

  1. Delusions of grandeur. His pomposity and arrogance are off the scale. In his mind’s eye, he is a national and international authority, not merely a campaigner. The vast gulf between his self-image and his actual abilities and influence is breath-taking. And hilarious!

  2. He is completely without a single shred of self-awareness. How can you possibly grow up in Britain, be nearing 60 years old and read what you wrote and not think “actually, that makes me sound like a bit of a prick” and delete it?

  3. Hilarious – he truly does have zero self-awareness – but wait, what’s that sound?

    It’s a stool pigeon coming out to say:

    ‘Ha,Ha – Worstall you sad b^^&tard – he has influence you don’t – get over it’ (just telegraphing your contribution in Advance Larry/Arnie)

  4. No, he has just told me he is doing this out of choice.

    Nothing to do with legal compulsion.

    The only thing he can’t do is publish exit polls or make forecasts based on exit polls. But that rule applies to everyone.

  5. Of course, in the interests of not publishing anything which might seek to influence a voter, he’s removed all the previous guff he’s written about Brexit from his site. Oh, wait a minute ..

  6. ‘No, he has just told me he is doing this out of choice.’

    So that bit about ‘I reckon the reach of this blog is sufficient to require my compliance with this law.’ ?

  7. I am looking forward to seeing the video of Murphy’s appearance at the Bundestag at the link posted in another thread and to improving my school German through hearing the sim translation.

    In future, I confidently expect to be able to say the following in fluent German

    that’s the last comment you will be making here
    neo-liberal troll
    and other words and phrases indispensable for blog commenting

  8. Btu spare a thought for him – it’s a Hard Life:

    ‘Not much of a day off

    One article written

    A submission for funding to make

    And ten journal articles to read

    And the book is behind schedule

    The day job carries on!’

    ‘A luta continua’ as I think the Mozambiquean Scoialists used to say – what an inspiration……….

  9. Worzel

    “So that bit about ‘I reckon the reach of this blog is sufficient to require my compliance with this law.’ ?”

    That’s called ‘bollocks on a pogo stick”. The legal requirements regarding exit polls apply to anyone who publishes – diddly squat to do with ‘reach’.

    And his misuse of the word purdah (about government making announcements for several weeks leading up to elections – not just the day of the vote) shows what a rank amateur he is.

  10. VP

    You’ve worried me now – “the book is behind schedule”

    Surely not another one, and so soon?

  11. Van_patten

    ‘A submission for funding to make’

    Another one! He makes over 100k a year now. Does he have six mistresses to keep or a serious cocaine habit or something?

  12. VP

    Oh FFS.

    Still, when published no doubt you will be prevailing on your friend for an inscribed copy from the man himself to continue your collection.

    In years to come, they may become as valuable as signed copies of Mein Kampf, Stalin’s Poetry, Escape to Hell (Gaddafi if you were wondering) and the Little Red Book.

  13. “makes over 100k a year now. Does he have six mistresses to keep or a serious cocaine habit or something?”

    Or a greedy cunt, and bona fide member of the upper reaches of the 1%?

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    BraveFart: if my schoolboy German still serves:
    “freiheraus, das ist das letzte Kommentar Sie wird hier machen”.

    “Neo-liberal troll” I’m not sure. But I think a lot of Murphy’s pronunciamentos would attain their proper level of menace if he barked them out in guttural German while wearing a natty grey Hugo Boss number with lightning flashes on the lapels.

  15. Sam Jones

    Maybe the move to Ely was occasioned by over-indulgence!


    He is the ultimate ‘champagne socialist’ I would wager…..

  16. BF

    I have always prized the Ruhnama (Book of the Soul) by the late Saparmurat Niyazov and of course the Collected Works of Kim Jong il (Volumes 1 to 15) – if Murphy keeps us this output he might match the latter in verbosity if nothing else….

  17. V_P

    Thanks for that link. The comments below are amusing. Interesting that he’s continuing the slightly suggestive titles. How long before ‘More Joy of Tax’?

    I see his collected works as becoming collectible – for much the same reason as the poems of McGonagall or recordings of Florence Foster Jenkins are collectible.

  18. Oh my lord. Precisely what Rob said – this fucker’s delusions have delusions.

    We really ought to get onto his Amazon page and leave one star reviews for everything en masse.

    There’s a guy called Richard House who replies to all of them in variations of this:

    ‘”Unverified purchase” – surprise surprise – another “reviewer” [sic] to prosecute, Amazon – bring it on!
    Richard House’

    Amazon don’t *seem* to be prosecuting anyone.

  19. I see from the TRUK thread that the ‘contributor’ Simon has spoilt his ballot paper with a pre-printed statement – but he needed to by a Pritt stick!

  20. Max, did they say whether Simon was too simple to print on an adhesive label, or was it verbosity?

  21. Nemo – here it is.

    ‘Have prepared my mini-missive to be attached to ballot paper. Not sure of size of paper so have kept it brief:

    ‘I wish to register my desire to abstain due to a dumbed-down debate that has treated the public like morons. There are real issues out there NONE of which relate to this vote:

    1) Unaffordable housing
    2) Stagnant pay and massive private debt
    3) Loss of public services
    4) Privatisation of public assets fro short-term gain
    5) The savage dehumanisation of the ill/disabled/unemployed/vulnerable
    6) The disappearance , by stealth, of democracy as we become a One Party State dominated by ONE economic ideology.
    7) Poor quality politicians who do not help the public to understand the real issues.

    I’ve printed it small -need to go out and buy a Pritt-Stick! (marginal increase of money velocity there!).’

    Retired teacher, apparently.

  22. Another of his claims has been exposed as incorrect — his assertion that it was his blogging and campaigning on the issue that caused the Customs & Excise Agreement between the UK and the Isle of Man to be renegotiated in the UK’s favour.

    A source in the Government told me that the decision was taken back in 2006 — the same year his blog started — and not announced until 2009. The reason? Not Mr Murphy’s blogging, but our blatantly taking the piss by concentrating on generating VAT in the sectors that didn’t go into the communal pot.

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