Thinking makes my brain hurt

Graduates are more likely to be diagnosed with brain tumours, a study has shown.

6 thoughts on “Thinking makes my brain hurt”

  1. “The researchers say they are puzzled about the link, but say it could be to do with educated people being more likely to see medical help if they think something is wrong.”
    And far more likely to think something is wrong – you won’t notice if something is wrong with a muscle or joint you never use.

  2. If your head is full of air and other spaces there’s not much that can go wrong. Arnald and Murphy are safe, though they will continue to suffer permanent gastroenteritis from talking shit.

  3. Brain size is actually pretty important in intellegence. I wonder if this is just a case of more cells, sone higher total probability of one replicating badly.

  4. BS. Both types of tumor are so phenomenally rare that even a national cancer registry will throw up plenty of false correlations. The simple fact of the big tail in age distribution in brain cancers (compared to the big three that basically don’t affect people under 40) and phenomenal increase in higher education is probably confounder enough.

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