This is Betteridge’s

Will the Syrian regime ever ease the suffering of its people?

Al-Arabiya – ‎1 hour ago‎
The United Nations has reportedly confirmed it is highly unlikely to support or facilitate air drops of humanitarian aid to areas besieged by Bashar al-Assad’s criminal regime without the regime’s approval

2 thoughts on “This is Betteridge’s”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It may be moral to drop things on another country without its legal government’s approval. But when that government has a fairly complex AA force and some airplanes that may still work, it is probably not a good idea.

    No doubt the end game here is unity through mass murder. The Muslim world shows al Gazali was right and civil war is much worse than oppression. The only way for peace in the Muslim world is for someone to be in power to and torture and execute anyone who disagrees. No doubt this is the sort of peace Asad will eventually restore.

  2. Oil states are like medieval European countries. There’s no getting away from people fighting over the land and being utter cunts about it. At best, you can back someone like the Shah or Saddam who are the sort of cunts that allows the kids to wear mini skirts and listen to rock and roll.

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