This might well be right

More than 60 Tory MPs were in unprecedented open revolt against George Osborne last night after he threatened to increase taxes if the public votes for Brexit.
Ex-Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith accused him of behaving ‘more irresponsibly’ than any Chancellor in history and scores of Tories warned that his position was verging on ‘untenable’.
Some senior ex-ministers said his career was over regardless of the result of the referendum because he had fatally damaged his ‘credibility’ and standing within the Tory Party.

Especially this:

his career was over

Hopefully anyway.

6 thoughts on “This might well be right”

  1. He lost any credibility when he signed off on Cameron’s ego trip of borrowing £18bn+ pa to piss away on various despots and crims whilst telling the UK tax payers to tighten their belts.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    OT but I’ve often wondered why private polls by political parties give different insights. Why don’t public polls ask the same questions?

  3. Hopefully he’ll be out quick. With his taxes on tenants, he’s demonstrated that either : he is completely devoid of financial knowledge; or he’s a complete and utter liar and not bothered about standing at the box and telling outright lies to the commons.
    I refer of course to his statements that adding extra taxes on landlords won’t cause rents to rise ! It’s surely chapter 1 of “economics for dummies” that if you increase the costs on a business, then that business will look to increase it’s prices to compensate – especially when it’s an inelastic market and the majority of other sellers are in the same boat of increased costs.
    Sooner the lying toad is gone, the better. I didn’t think I’d see a chancellor who could make Gordon “raid the pension pots” Brown start to look “not as bad” as before !

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “What on earth are their private polls reporting?”

    Hillary started referring to Islamic terrorism. What must her private polls be reporting?

    In an ideal world, Remain would lose and Cameron would go. We would finally get a fiscally responsible budget and Britain might stagger on for a few more years before becoming another Lebanon.

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