Those ravening packs of transient landlords

State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, one of the bill’s sponsors, disagrees, claiming that it targets “people or companies with multiple listings. There are so many units held by commercial operators, not individual tenants. They are bad actors who horde multiple units, driving up the cost of housing around them and across the city.”

Who knew Genghis was involved in New York real estate?

I suppose it makes some sort of sense actually but more would be made with “hoard”.

3 thoughts on “Those ravening packs of transient landlords”

  1. Nope, its still gibberish even with hoard.

    She’s part of a group that has made it nearly impossible to create new housing in the area and then is flabbergasted that as the cost of housing has gone up, people have responded to incentives by not only renting out their spare space, but actively purchasing units to rent.

    She doesn’t think its her fault, instead the kulaks are wrecking city government’s plan for utopia.

    Remember a few years ago when this blogging stuff was new and all the old media were poo-pooing its as ‘people in pajamas’ *without editors*?

  2. Bill makes it illegal to advertise unoccupied flats for short-term rental (a.k.a. Airbnb).

    Result: landlords tick the box marked “Private Room” instead of “Entire Home/Flat”, and in the headline they write “hardly ever home”.

  3. I like this:

    “Every night there could be different person sleeping in the next apartment and it shatters that sense of community in the building. It also can be dangerous.”

    New York intends to ban one-night stands.

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