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A Short Note On Brexit And Financing The UK’s Energy Transformation

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  1. Can’t we also postpone the shut-down of our power stations now we’re leaving the EU?

    And without EU public procurement rules we can probably get it done cheaper.

  2. Hmm, not convinced about this. If all the labour & materials are domestic, then yes it’s 10% cheaper. But if we’re talking about a French-designed reactor built by Polish builders, I don’t see them taking a 10% pay cut just for the fun of it.

  3. Were it not for the self-inflicted Climate Act, it would be as Richard says — we would just repeal the Large Combustion Plants Directive as it affects the UK, and problem postponed, breathing space gained.

  4. @ The Sage
    That’s what will happen in practice – though not actually repeal it. What will happen is that operators will announce their intention to close the plants, the people who actually have a clue will realise that it means the lights going out (or a fair probability of it) and tell TPTB, and there will be payments made to keep the plants in working order so they can be fired up again in winter.
    There’ll be fines for running them, but we’ll pay them as being cheaper than the “pick astronomical figure from backside and double it” cost of building new nuclear plants as were doing it now.
    Meanwhile, the “renewables lot” will keep wittering on about how it’s because we haven’t built enough fairy-dust powered windmills, and we’ll see more and more of the outright lies (aka propaganda) like the adverts for smart meters I’m seeing on telly right now. I’ve looked at the website, it’s a load of outright lies and propaganda and doesn’t mention once (that I can find) that the real and only reason for smart meters is to be able to control demand by “price rationing”.
    Also no mention that these smart meters will kill people. Big leap to make ? Not really, the primary function of smart metering is to allow variable lecky pricing. The idea is that people will then run lecky guzzling appliances (such as washing machines and tumble driers) on a timer or controlled from the smart meter when the lecky is cheap – and that means when most of us are asleep* during the early hours.
    So now you are pushing people, especially the less well off who probably can’t afford to buy the latest (non-combusting) models, to run devices at night when I’ve recently read a report that tumble driers are causing 3 house fires a day !
    * Oh yes, and I’ll be well chuffed to find my neighbour running the washing machine with it’s “detect it on earthquake monitors” spin cycle when I’m trying to sleep. I pity people in flats when this catches on !

  5. I remember when COMPANIES would raise capital to built plants to make electricity and sell it to the public. Government money not needed. Government has so poisoned the well that they must provide the capital now.

    Government makes political decisions, not business decisions. This will end badly.

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