Trump University Scandal Is Same As $80,000 Yale MFA In Puppetry


3 thoughts on “Trump University Scandal Is Same As $80,000 Yale MFA In Puppetry”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    You get to shag a much better quality of student at Yale. For various meanings of better quality.

    Presumably the main point of higher education is not the education but the people you meet and, with luck, don’t alienate. The ones you marry. The ones you go into business with.

    You may as well do a puppetry degree as many others. Sociology for instance.

  2. I imagine the Yale MFA in puppetry at least teaches the person how to do puppetry well. Trump “University” never even reached that level in its respective disciplines.

    That both are more or less useless is neither here nor there. Was the person getting what they paid for? In the Yale case, yes, in the Trump case No.

    Still, anyone paying for TU was an idiot to begin with, and caveat emptor should be the prime doctrine in such cases.

  3. Puppetry? What’s wrong with that? It’s a huge part of the special effects business, and people do indeed need to be trained in a very specialised field. Top puppeteers get well over $100k a year, so it’s not even like there’s anything wrong with paying for the degree.

    There’s simply no comparison between a vocational degree leading to well-paid work and Trump U.

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