Trump’s economics are nonsense. But it’s a damn good speech


He’s a salesman punching the right emotional buttons.

7 thoughts on “Trump’s economics are nonsense. But it’s a damn good speech”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    He’s one of the most gifted persuaders I’ve ever seen. Pretty amazing that his competition was/is so poor though: a collection of animatronic party hacks, Jesus-bothering autists and a mad-eyed bungling she-crook whose main achievement is avoiding prison.

    Are these really the best politicians the free world can offer?

    Brexit seems to have really inspired a lot of our American cousins. I was surprised how positively they reacted to the referendum result.

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    Andrew – I think that’s an obvious point, but

    a) I’m not convinced most Americans think he’s a crazy racist

    b) The way to negate that charge isn’t to give a speech about racism

    He definitely needs to broaden his appeal beyond the folks who backed him in the Republican primaries.

    What would work, IMO, is social proof. Don’t *tell* us you’re not a racist. Get some of your black and brown friends and business partners to *show* Trump’s not a racist.

  3. The racist charges are ignorant.

    But Trump is ignorant on foreign trade.

    I’d much rather have someone who is ignorant of trade as president than someone who monetized being SoS, fouled up everything she touched, and lies as if for sport. I think she is guilty of capital crimes.

  4. Nonsense? What a lovely, cutesy understatement that is. “Manufacturing? That’s good right? We’ll get back to where we were in the 60s with protectionism. George Washington said it was the way to go.” Jaisus. A lot of arguments for this guy, say ‘its just his rhetoric, he’ll do a few symbolic things, but he’s not seriously going to make murca mecantalist and even if he tries: relax…checks and balances.’ Not the most reassuring arguments for me.

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