Vote for Boris!

Jamie Oliver vows to quit Britain if Boris Johnson becomes PM after Brexit

15 thoughts on “Vote for Boris!”

  1. He could join Paul O’Grady, wherever he’s gone and surrender his MBE in protest like Geldof did with his knighthood.

    Oh, wait…

  2. He who wields the dagger etc. I think this is one boarder the Tory party will be able to control.

  3. I won’t be able to vote in the Conservative leadership election but I gather £3 will give me the vote in the Labour one. For whom should I vote?

  4. dearieme,

    I think I’ll have a go this time and vote for Jezza. The last thing I want is a good candidate who is going to put a spanner in the works of Brexit who can win an election.

  5. If only the Mail had headlined it “Jamie Oliver makes pro-Boris statement”; I don’t think Boris is the leader the UK needs at this moment, but Jamie’s promise – if trusted – is enticing. Someone doing a programme on the longevity of Sardinian people then getting wistful over the EU flag is hardly rational, unless bureaucrats can do miracles and turn decrepit forty-year-olds into sprightly nonagenarians in only a couple of decades.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It must be said the sight of all those absolutely grade-A, copper-bottomed, ocean-going bell-ends Brexit has caused to lose their collective rags is most gratifying. If it could induce that fat-lipped tosser to bugger off it would be event better.

  7. Please do not vote for Johnson. There is a remote chance that Jamie Oliver might move to Piitsburgh and we don’t need him here. As is usually the case it is better to keep toxic waste where it came from.

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