Well, that makes it easy to spot the pig then, doesn’t it?

Sex and drugs off limits for undercover police


Covert officers can have sex or take drugs with suspects only when ‘necessary and proportionate’ under new guidelines

“Yes, sir, I’m afraid that is true. The leader of the terrorist cell was a fat munt with body odour issues and so I did not accept her offer of a hand job and a toke after which she would have confessed all because that would not have been proportionate. The 18 year old bird with the magnificent norks though, who was merely the next door neighbour two streets over, it was necessary to vigorously interrogate her physically twice a day for the whole 6 months of the undercover operation.”

You would also rather bet that only the first bit of this will stick in the minds of the idiots. Undercover officers cannot have sex with those they are monitoring. Thus more sex will be offered to those possibly undercover officers in order to test whether they are so. Net result more nookie.

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