Well, yes, this is true of course

Grumbling Green needs to understand he’s not dealing with a legal process
Nils Pratley

The work and pensions committee just wants to ask some legitimate questions and they can say what they like – that’s showbiz

As long as we all recall that Frank is doing showbusiness then we’ll be fine. As was Margaret, Lady Hoxa when she was at the PAC.

And as long, of course, as we don’t get ruled by theatre.

4 thoughts on “Well, yes, this is true of course”

  1. I’m sorry but Frank Field is not Margaret Hodge and shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush. And the “theatre” in question is our UK Parliament. That is the same UK parliament the sovereignty of which I and millions like me are working to re-establish next week.

    And, whilst Margaret Hodge and her like are following the Labour line to keep their careers on track Frank Field is following his conscience and his own analysis.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I don’t often agree with Ironman but FF had always struck me as one of the good guys, relatively speaking, and should b given the courtesy of being listened to.

    On the other hand, and slightly off topic, I see from Guido:

    “Asked about immigration on the Today programme, Alan Johnson, the chair of Labour’s Remain campaign, blamed people for not listening to their arguments:

    “We’ve talked about immigration all the way through this. Sometimes people haven’t been listening to us.”

    Well of course we aren’t listening, that’s because when the subject was raised in the past people were shouted down as racist and bigots. Whey shoul we want to listen to being called a racist and a bigot again?

  3. Have to agree with Ironman on Frank Field. Margaret Hodge is very lucky to be out of jail given what went on under her supervision in Islington. Nevertheless bear in mind he is one the Corbynites would love to deselect so he has to keep a wary eye on appealing to his constituency party lest Momentum come in and throw him out.

  4. @ Van_Patten
    Agreed re FF. But Margaret Hodge is clever rather than lucky – playing the “victim” card so that she doesn’t have to answer for her failings. I knew a lot of Jewish boys when I was young but none of them played the “victim” card – my best friend’s father had to leave Germany in the 1930s but he never once mentioned it.

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