Well, you know, maybe it isn’t?

The Quilliam Foundation, one of Britain’s foremost anti-extremism think tanks, has been the first major organisation to call this dreadful event by its name: an act of nationalist far-Right terrorism.

A nutter not taking his meds (or seeking treatment, whichever you prefer) really isn’t quite the same as four bombed up jihadis on the tube….

The Quilliam Foundation, whose work focuses mainly on combating Islamic extremism, does not mince its words. It is worth printing some of them here: “We call on the media to treat this act as it would any act of suspected jihadist terrorism. We call on society to expose, isolate and challenge all extremist ideologies and narratives for what they are. And we call on states to continue tackling extremism of all kinds, with consistency and urgency.” The Foundation uses similarly robust language when it discusses Islamist terrorism.

Despite the cute attempt at equivalence there.

45 thoughts on “Well, you know, maybe it isn’t?”

  1. To quote Louise Mensch from yesterday.
    “The fact is Jo Cox’s killer may have been “a racist” online or subscribed to such magazines. He may have shouted “Britain First” or “Britain first” or other slogans. But if the other reports are also true then this is not relevant.

    He was severely mentally ill and had been treated over a long period of time, certainly for longer than five years, given that his quote is from 2011 and clearly refers to ongoing treatment.

    It is beyond disgusting, then, to use this man’s mental collapse and psychological unsoundness as a weapon in a political campaign. Let the doctors weigh in before we ascribe any part of this to ordinary politics.”

  2. Q: Does Islamism contribute to Islamic terrorism?
    A: Yes

    Q: Does racism contribute to neo-nazi terrorism?
    A: Yes

  3. Steve. You might not have noticed but the person murdered was errr… white.

    So it doesn’t look on the face of it like a racist attack.

  4. The Inimitable Steve

    Maybe the killer was wearing sunglasses, and mistook her for a half-caste?

    Also, we shouldn’t rule out the terrible threat to Britain of weird guys who live with their grans.

    There was that awful case a few years back where an American boy and his Scandinavian gran killed an entire meeting of RSPCC ladies by poisoning their soup.

    Probably also right-wing terrorism, come to think of it.

  5. Steve – if Lee Rigby’s killer was a terrorist (I don’t think he was btw, but the press did) then Cox’s killer was. Ideologically motivated murder by unhinged people

  6. Steve – you said Nazi!! Godwin!!

    Look, this guy was either nuts or evil and we’ll know soon enough. Was he a nazi? I don’t know… Did he believe in the state ownership of everything?

    Whatever, there’s a very great difference between these alleged ‘far right groups’, and Islamists.

    Islamists exhort murder, they have set up training camps in the desert, they are supported by states like Iran and Saudi, and they are given a pass by the State and by people like you.

    When ‘far right groups’ march demanding the beheading of those who insult St George, and are invited to speak at Oxford University, and run their own schools (on the taxpayer) and meeting places where the murder of jews and gays and the subjugation of women is openly prayed for, get back to me.

    When respected polling organisations find that there are tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of these people in the UK who actively want ‘far right’ law, and who would support suicide bombings and Nazi Germany, get back to me again.

    You and your boyfriend try walking hand in hand though various bits of Bradford, or London, or Leeds, or Birmingham, and get back to me on thatm too – once you’re out of hospital.

    Sure, thirty years ago it might have been skinheads kicking your head in – but they wouldn’t have belonged to a cult which wanted to throw you off a tall building, and was doing it on an industrial scale, and in any case that was thirty years ago.

    You guys have to pretend those NF dickheads are still a force to give you some sort of cover for your love of muslims. Why you have that love of muslims is very hard to understand – I think it’s because you think people like me will defend you against them once you’ve destroyed our way of life. You are very wrong.

  7. The Inimitable Steve

    Steve. – you thick.racist.prick.

    Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.

    The Quran specifically says you should give the infidel free hugs.

  8. Steve- but I do hope I’m fucking with your brain. I hate all types of authoritarians and racists, regardless of race or religion

  9. Why is everyone suddenly called Steve?

    Anyway, isn’t terrorism supposed to terrorise? So a mentally ill person doing something horrific like this doesn’t count.. he wasn’t trying to terrorise, was he? Nor was he part of a group that was using him to terrorise.

    I’m pretty sure that a fair few Islamic ‘terror’ attacks are not terrorism for the same reason (including the Lee Rigby thing, from what I recall) albeit that they probably have an unintended terrorising effect due to being, understandably, seen as part of something which absolutely *is* terrorism.

  10. Of course Lee Rigby was about terrorism.

    The salient question is, do we really believe this is an isolated incident?

    If we really think that Jo Cox’s death shows that there is a network of people in the UK stalking MPs with murderous intent and a recognisable goal, then yes, there is a campaign of terrorism afoot – against MPs, that is.

    I submit that there is little evidence of the above, so this is not terrorism. (If I’m wrong I’ll be the first to admit it.)

    There clearly is a network of people in the UK stalking soldiers (and westerners generally) with murderous intent and a goal – the destruction of the west and the imposition of sharia law – so in the case of Rigby, yes, there is a campaign of terrorism afoot and this was just one skirmish in a much bigger campaign.

  11. “I hate all types of authoritarians”

    Apart from those running the EU.

    I’m happy to label this a terrorist attack. It’s tenuous, but the argument can be made. Unfortunately you, I and everyone else knows that assertion is being used as a proxy for Brexit, pushing that any opinion in favour of UK independence and control of borders fuels “right wing terrorism”.

    It’s just another variant on the “you are all racists for wanting immigration control”, except far nastier and cynical.

  12. The Inimitable Steve

    The Thought Gang – change your name to The Steve Gang.

    Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam obviously – only thick.racist.pricks like “Steve.” think that – but other than that your observation has merit.

    The religion of peace is horribly dysfunctional when it comes to social stability. Polygamy and inbreeding are a recipe for creating hordes of low-value young men with no realistic non-goat prospects of getting laid.

    Islamismism (which has nothing to do with Islam, mind) has been funneling its excess young men towards getting themselves killed in jihad for so long that it’s become an ingrained practice.

  13. It’s being reported that the killer was looking help for his mental health just the day before and was turned away. So watch some twat bring NHS funding into the equation.

    Nazis. Far right. Referendum. “Valuing” MPs and “more civil” politics. Mental Health funding. And all this before the poor girl stopped twitching.

  14. The Inimitable Steve

    Geoff – Sure.

    But it is fair to ask when we’re going to go back to locking up loonies for their own good. Dunno if Mair was officially a “care in the community” case, but too many people have been killed since we deinstitutionalised mental health treatment.

  15. In fact, isn’t it refreshing to see the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism’ reappearing in news articles? I thought it was de rigeur these days to use ‘militant’ or similar.

    Perhaps it’s a one off.

  16. The Meissen Bison

    If I put my toothbrush on a string and take it for a walk and if I were then to incite my toothbrush to attack, say, a gay couple holding hands, would you think me more a nutter than a homophobe or the other way round?

  17. Steve,

    Do you believe that trains should run on time?

    Well so did the Fascists!

    That makes you a Fascist, by your logic.

    So Steve, as a Fascist, will you be voting Leave or Remain?

  18. Reborn from the grave Stevie–one last throw to earn your EU silver eh?

    Fascism is socialism first of all. It was founded and even named by socialists and received high-praise from socialist scum in its early years. The Fabians and other socialist eugenics/mass euthanasia fans were full of praise. And Hitler and Uncle Joe were big buddies ’til Adolf pulled the double-cross.

    So don’t be giving us any of your snot-nosed junior shite about “fascism”.

    Especially as the corrupt corporate socialism and hate-filled cultural marxism run by your EU buddies is an increasingly obnoxious version of the same with anti-white self-hatred as its organising dynamic.

    Interested covers the rest of it nicely.

    Leaving me to say that–despite my original poor opinion of you–that you are a paid traitor and troll–you are much scummier and lower a turd even than that Stevie. To take money and exploit the tragic death of a woman at the hands of a –now confirmed–mental case and claim this is a reason for our nation to be consumed by CM tyranny marks your sorry arse as amongst the worst dross walking around this sad world.

  19. Hallowed Bollocks–So mental illness exist but if it takes a form that leftists can exploit for propaganda purposes then it is really terrorism.

    He is a classic lone nut and if he wanted his ideas to thrive he has hardly done them a favour by his mentalist actions.

    Claims of extremist propaganda should be taken with a pinch of salt until full details of what the supposed propaganda is.

    This nation is rotted thro’ with CM scum who would try to label “Economics in one Lesson” by Henry Hazlett as “extremist propaganda”.

    The fact that real US leftist scum like the Southern Poverty Law Centre were peddling their crap within hours suggest that our leftist buddies over here haven’t been idle. Phones will have been ringing.

  20. Mr Ecks – Sorry I set you off. it was a rather tongue-in-cheek double meaning, one of which was mental-ist as in discriminatory.
    Rightly or wrongly propaganda or no the Leave chances have just plummeted and yes its down to events dear boy but when its close its no good getting upset over the crumbling of the cookie..

  21. Sorry HB–my irony dectector is set on low as a result of assault by sickening leftist propaganda.

  22. Interested: “When ‘far right groups’ march demanding the beheading of those who insult St George, and are invited to speak at Oxford University, and run their own schools (on the taxpayer) and meeting places where the murder of jews and gays and the subjugation of women is openly prayed for, get back to me.”


  23. The Inimitable Steve

    JuliaM – To be fair, I think we’ve all been there. When you’re grief-stricken by the sudden and tragic death of a loved one, it’s only human to immediately issue partisan political press releases.

  24. The Meissen Bison


    Yes it is. Clever of you. It also has the bionic overdrive bristles and barks like a red setter.

    So, nutter or what?

  25. i-Steve
    He is and she was a crusader for ‘social justice’ (whatever that is). Everything is subordinate to the cause for such fanatical busybodies, and he will justify his cynical and tasteless behaviour on the grounds that ‘it’s what Jo would have wanted’. Pass the sickbag.

  26. To hear the left talk about an “atmosphere of hate” while their own supporters write “Die Tory Scum” on war memorials or spit on journalists at the Tory party conference, is two face wankery of the highest order.

  27. And how many times has Nigel Farage faced naked violence from the UAF, who David Cameron supports?

  28. ‘The Quilliam Foundation, whose work focuses mainly on combating Islamic extremism’


    ‘And we call on states to continue tackling extremism of all kinds’

    Killing homosexuals is not extreme, it is mainstream. In Islam. Indeed, killing you is not extreme in Islam. The West suffers from Stage IV cognitive dissonance.

    Every Muslim has a book that says they should kill you. When they kill you, it isn’t extremism. Western mores don’t apply to Muslims. Westerners seem incapable of comprehending that.

  29. “To hear the left talk about an “atmosphere of hate” while their own supporters…”
    … or dance and sing in joy at the death of an elderly woman who served as an MP for over 30 years, and as Prime Minister for eleven.
    Disgusting people, who saw nothing amiss in such conduct.

  30. What he did with it goes everything around did you say that storing away filing clips for decades it’s always racist if you say everything pricks and stort believing when will you realize that where are the documentaries, it’s not like you can storyboard the attitudes of Nazi-Neos rallies when he lives with his gran thick thick thick 3-page report with blackface get a grip you sordid homo authoritarian would you border police, really? no, canna have that laddie, open arms masturbate you bastardos hate you haters really hate queue them over the Dover Channel you push them off cliff you second-rate Goebbels all go home with Ecks and watch him jerk into pillow concentration films huh? huh? want wehitgeface street kill blakcs i spit in your face sad kkkk mensches i troll yu fucksers you fucken fucksers racist prickshits go live on barge in greenland and eat turds frome ach ovvers bums thic.kraci.srprix.

    Or something like that.

  31. Have your bosses sacked you Steve for being a lazy, work-shy cunt? This is a breakdown such that a call to the AA( and I don’t mean the Automobile Association) to tow you to a home (mental) would be a good idea for you. Save you the 12 Steps so to speak.

    Thanks for the glimpse into the leftist stream of consciousness. How much better would history have been for millions of poor bastards if Karl Fucking Marx had filled his book with the same standard of shite you have penned above.

  32. This is a charity appeal for More Steve. Please dig deep into your pockets and your hearts, and send him some ….. punctuation.

    Poor little sod.

  33. More Steve is Arnald.

    Otherwise Gamecock is right (and it is the mystery of our times why the likes of Ironman accuse those who notice of ‘racism’).

    Islam’s own book and its legal system set out precisely that gays should be murdered. Sure the Old Testament says similar but Christians follow the New Testament.

    So when muslims kill gays they are simply following their religion – not a race, remember, this is just made up shit these people believe.

    The fact that many nominal muslims *don’t* want to kill gays is great – but it’s not the same as eg many Catholics not following church teaching on contraception is it? I don’t care about Catholics and condoms either way but muslims with bombs…

    We *don’t* want the kind of muslims who resolve arguments with bombs here, and we can’t distinguish bomby ones from non-bomby.

    I wouldn’t personally go full Trump but I do think we should have some sort of system (points, work permit) which makes it very clear that if you come here as a guest to our country you do so on the basis that you don’t even think the word ‘bomb’ or so much as look askance at poofs. As a for-instance.

    We can only do this if we get the fuck out if the EU.

    I’m not gay myself – I certainly never thought they were the canary in my particular coalmine. But it is what it is.

  34. We *don’t* want the kind of muslims who resolve arguments with bombs here, and we can’t distinguish bomby ones from non-bomby.

    I wouldn’t personally go full Trump but I do think we should have some sort of system (points, work permit)


    Trump isn’t going to go full Trump.

    Anywho, I spent many years in manufacturing. Had much quality training, i.e., training on producing quality products.

    An important lesson all should know is that you can’t inspect quality into a product. A company that does 0% inspection of product is far more likely to have a better product than a company that does 100% inspection. The company that does 0 inspection must have processes in place to insure a quality product. Making stuff and trying to inspect out the bad ones just doesn’t work.

    To wit . . . you can’t inspect quality into invading Muslims. You have no means to determine who wants to kill you now, and who can wait. And letting in those who can wait is stupid, anyway.

  35. @ Gamecock
    Firstly, a disproprtionate number of “Muslim” terrorists are recent converts (mostly in prison), so what you need to stop them is to prevent conversion in prison not to prevent immigration of peaceful Muslims.
    Secondly your analogy is flawed. A company should have x% (x>0) inspection to prevent a machine failure (either its own or a suppliers) causing mass errors. The company that has 0% inspection of product must have systems that include 100% inspection of materials and 100% inspection of each machine ans a supervisor standing watching every worker.
    I should not want to buy product from any manufacturing that you ran.

  36. @john77

    The problem is Islam, not the packages it is in. The West must restrict Islam, as it is hate speech and incites murder. Not allowed in the West, unless it is by Muslims. A standard we drop at our own peril.

    ‘I should not want to buy product from any manufacturing that you ran.’

    But you do. Not run by me, but most everything you buy is made by companies who use modern quality processes.


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