Which 1500 women?

1,500 women volunteer to strip naked to protest against Donald Trump

The effect will rather depend upon whether it’s all past Playmates or all of Julie Bindel’s mates, no?

14 thoughts on “Which 1500 women?”

  1. These fuckers have just not grown up. I will take them seriously when 1500 of them hurl themselves off a cliff. And I wouldn’t vote for Trump if you paid me.

  2. Protesting his “mysoginistic behaviour” eh? No hint of a protest against Clinton though, despite her assistance of her predator husband for decades.

    Once again, it isn’t the act but the opponent. Trump could be St Francis and they would still do it.

    That Telegraph article is indistinguishable from one in the Guardian.

  3. I trust Tim will treat us to a hi def photo of the 3000 boobies should they ever materialise.

    Pan left. Zoom in. Enhance. As they say in all the best sci fi.

  4. If a journalist has got wind of it then time for old bill to step in to prevent a crime. Need to decide the charge conspiracy to outrage public morals. or the graver charge of conspiracy to titillate middle aged men.

  5. I bet most of them will be hanging.

    But think about it – is America going to say “hey, now that 1500 nutter exhibitionists have flashed their sagging tits, I don’t like Trump after all?” or will they instead say “Who are these weirdos? Where were they when Clinton was groping his way through the White House?”

  6. When I was younger, I got all excited hearing about Code Pink’s naked protests. Then I saw the photos. There’s an image I’ll never get out of my mind.

    It wasn’t so much the sag factor. It was the ugliness on their faces. The hatred. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugliness goes through to the bone…

  7. It’ll be nearly all Millie Munters. If there’s one or two hotties, anyone looking at them will be denounced as a hater of women.

  8. Despite the fact I think he’s a berk, I think I’d be tempted to vote for him just for the entertainment value. Can you imagine the impotent outrage of the Guardian/NYT types if he got the job?

  9. I am still daring to hope for the chance to watch the reaction to a Brexit and a Trump presidency.

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