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Björk: ‘It’s no coincidence that the porn industry has embraced virtual reality’

Humans are interested in sex. All new technologies will be tried out to see how they interact with sex. And?

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  1. ‘…it’s hard to remember a time when the Icelandic singer didn’t stake a claim on the musical landscape.’

    Awww, bless! How old is this interviewer?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    What should happen now is the government says: “OK, we are in an emergency now and everyone has to walk everywhere.” There will be no cars – a whole list of things.

    No doubt she walked from Iceland to Australia.

    So she is claiming that the porn industry is interested in virtual porn because penetration is intimate? It is not that she has been around for a long time. It just feels like it.

  3. JuliaM,

    What’s she done since the mid-90s? Debut is a corking album, Post is good, but I can’t name much after.

  4. SMFS,

    “No doubt she walked from Iceland to Australia.”

    That really grated. She’s done a digital exhibition, and has to fly in? But we’re the bad guys? Those of us that do our meetings on Skype?

  5. A friend tells me that security, technical levels and payment options on porn sites are among the most advanced he’s seen. And they never crash, either, he says.

  6. Custard Cream,

    He’s not wrong. I know someone who was involved in maintaining one and said it was one of the most interesting jobs he ever had technically. He was involved quite early on when almost no-one else was selling content and running their own video servers and had to build code to detect accounts being shared (basically, if you get half a dozen accesses from different IP addresses in a minute, you suspend the account).

    And they’re massively into analytics. They know which movies on free sites are bringing customers to signing up and from that, which models/activities/fetishes people like.

  7. All technologies are used to make porn because technologies are used to create creations, and humans a a creative species.

    As soon as somebody invented clay modeling, somebody used it to make porn.
    As soon as somebody started carving wood, somebody used it to make porn.
    As soon as somebody chisling images into rock, somebody used it for porn.
    As soon as somebody started making permanant marks on sheets of material, somebody used it for porn.
    As soon as sombody used movable print type, somebody started using it for porn.
    As soon as somebody invented photographic reproduction, somebody used it for porn.

    “Porn” is a subset of “media”, so of course any form of media production is going to be used for porn production.

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