Justice respects polarity, but seeks to embrace it within a totality.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    That quote is so surreal I had to go and read it in context and I’m none the wiser, having lost 5 mins I’ll never get back in the process.

    It did remind me that he is one of the worst writers on the Internet. It’s not that I disagree with him politically and philosophically that stops me reading him, I read plenty of blogs that I disagree with, it’s his awfull prose.

    No wonder he’s always falling out with people, he can’t explain himself clearly and having seen his arrogance I suspect he blames others for not understanding.

  2. He’s regurgitating some Hegelian ‘logic’: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. He’s probably picked it up from some teutonicly influenced leftist. As Bertrand Russell scornfully said, Hegel saw the universe as a mass of copulating contradictions.

  3. I think one of Murphy’s Venn diagrams might help us thickies to understand his meaning here.

  4. The Murphatollah doesn’t respect “polarity” – any disagreement with him is deleted.

  5. BiND

    Can’t disagree with that assessment- the entire entry is like some semi-demented GCSE student rambling on. The quality of grammar is atrocious, and to follow the train of thought requires you to retread the entry about six times while still being none the wiser as to what he is trying to say… Truly mind boggling stuff!!

  6. “requires you to retread the entry about six times while still being none the wiser as to what he is trying to say… “

    That bit’s simple enough.

    The Blairite New Labour movement made Labour electable only by dropping all its principles. Corbyn represented a return to principled policies (i.e. Murphy’s), but failed to explain the motivation for them. He has therefore dropped his support for Corbyn because Corbyn was unable to explain the reasons for Murphy’s economics to the public. So Labour needs a new leader with a new pithy slogan to explain Tax Justice to the people. (This slogan being “Justice”. Presumably the “Tax” bit is considered to be implicit.) He hopes everyone will now agree with him, and do what he says.

    As for the ‘polarity’ slogan, I think it’s just a convoluted way of saying “I claim to respect your right to hold opposing opinions, but you’ll all have to unite behind mine if we’re going to get anywhere.” But there’s rather a lot of poetic license involved.

    But my favourite bit was: “I would also suggest that as yet Labour does not have a clear economic plan, and I can say this as the person who supposedly wrote it”. Brilliant!

  7. I like a bet on politics and noticed this bit from Ritchie: “I will from here on ignore the Liberal Democrats”.
    Next time there is a by-election where the Lib Dems are second favourites I’ll be putting my money on them.

  8. “Justice respects polarity, but seeks to embrace it within a totality.” Discuss (25 marks)

    I pity the students.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s the classic sort of profundity-through-obscurity shit that Sokal and Bricmont skewered in Transgressing the Boundaries and Gross and Levitt dismanlted in Higher Superstition, except Murphy’s too thick to be a convincing po-mo conman. He’d need to speak French, for a start.

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