A blitheringly stupid idea

All British passport holders should pay full UK tax regardless of where they live in the world, in a move that would slash tax-dodging scandals and make the system fairer, according to the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI).

Quite why the professional body for investment practitioners has become infected with one of Ritchie’s ideas I’m not sure.

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  1. If the embassies weren’t next to useless and actually provided something resembling support then I wouldn’t be adverse to paying some tax to the UK. As it is they can fuck off.

  2. I have been on a British passport while living in France but actually being a Kiwi, also on a NZ passport. Was I meant to pay three lots of tax?

  3. Since the country you are living in expects you to pay tax, this would effectively prevent Brits from living abroad.

    Wasn’t the Credit crying about how it would prevent people working overseas?

    I wish they’d make up their minds!

  4. You are merely a slave of the Carajus State. You can check out any time you like, but you cannot leave.

  5. An idea that would get knocked on the head as soon as the world population living on less than $5 a day get wise to UK tax credits.

  6. They are NOT *the professional body for investment practitioners*. They are a relatively young, relatively small, group, founded in 1992 in an attempt to create professional status for a professionally-minded minority of stockbrokers.

  7. Does that mean that the NHS will provide hospitals with A&E facilities in Dongguan, Costa Rica etc?

  8. Guess that is one way to get down the number of UK passport holders. Problem is, it would be the working ones. In terms of ‘what is fair’ we should insist that British Passport holders, wherever they live in the world, should pay tax on any earnings they have in the UK. Oh wait, that’s what we do already.

  9. As The Sage wrote, this is basically the USA’s worldwide tax jurisdiction, which is a horrible idea. Wait until you get the USA’s banking regulations on a worldwide scale.

  10. The Meissen Bison

    Just when we were looking forward to our next passport being that noble dark blue booklet with firm boards and two cut-aways , Murphy wants to drop a flying bedstead in the ointment.

  11. To boost the British economy I’d tax all foreigners living abroad.

    Not really so dumb as it sounds when you have some people who say that (health) tourists who roll up in the UK should be able to use the NHS without restriction and many NHS trusts and doctors ignore and fail to enforce rules that require those not entitled to treatment to pay for it.

  12. When they tax us in return for nothing but a passport, life would imitate art:

    Ex-pat Reg: The British government has bled us white, the bastards. They’ve taken everything we had, and what have they ever given us in return?

  13. Dear Mr Worstall

    I hope that nice Mr Murphy and the dear old CISI are not too familiar with Monty Python: next up is a tax on … thingy.


    It could be a tax people would gladly overpay, just to look good, bit like having fake windows to show you can afford to pay the window tax and then some.


  14. As I’ve said before, this would put me in penury in Switzerland. But, on practical terms, good luck re-negotiating all the taxation treaties – and I look forward to the other countries requiring reciprocity. The low-paid in the UK are very much under-taxed compared to many Continental cousins. For instance, Romania has a flat 16% income tax. Come to the UK, earn minimum wage, which is hardly taxed in the UK, and then pay 16% of that to Romania. That’ll go down like a cup of cold sick.

    And the point that US citizens get certain benefits when living abroad – it’s BS. 3/4 of my family are US citizens, and they get jack all, except the automatic right to live in the US.

  15. Sorry, this whole thing really grips my sh1t every time it comes up.

    In any case, I’ll be applying for local citizenship in 5 years…

  16. You know what? I have absolutely no need to visit the UK. If anything like this looks to be on the cards, I shall be renewing my passport early, and the next thing they’ll hear from me is a renunciation once I’ve got my little red book.

  17. john77 has the right idea. Ok, tax me and then:

    Pay for any medical needs including consults and vaccinations (cost me £175 to get my kid a vaccination in Hong Kong last week).

    Pay for kids to go to international schools.

    Create an ‘expat MP’ to represent us in Parliament.

    Ensure all expat citizens get fair legal treatment whatever country they are in. Don Pacifico it if necessary.

    Or just don’t tax us and continue being less than useless.

  18. The thing is, if more than 1 major country tries citizenship-based taxation, exactly what are the mechanics of it?

    E.g. my kids are UK/US duals, and we live in CH.

    OK, so CH gets the first slice of the pie.

    Then who gets the second? And who is kicked into 3rd place? How could this possibly be resolved for dual nationals living in a 3rd country without hammering them?

  19. “The thing is, if more than 1 major country tries citizenship-based taxation, exactly what are the mechanics of it?”

    Well, we wouldn’t have heard all those Remnants whinging about how they were going to acquire dual citizenship because of Brexit. So, not all bad.

  20. It is of course a monumentally stupid idea. We are told to pay tax because it pays for the NHS, education, and other State services you use etc. Well, of course. So why tax someone in Italy to pay for something they don’t use?

  21. They’d have to allow our children to pay the same university fees as UK residents rather than international fees.

  22. @Rob, oh, but you *might* use it if you ever avail yourself of your absolute right to return, goes the US argument.

    Which is bullshit – it’s an awful lot of money for a “might”… And given that foreign newcomers get access immediately, an insult.

  23. So, when I’m living and working in Hong Kong, paying Hong Kong taxs, I have to pay a foreign country’s taxes as well. FTHO.

  24. @DocBud do you mean the rule that a UK citizen that has lived outside the UK for longer than a set period has to pay international student fees and they would have to abolish that or that any fees they pay outside the UK above UK fees should be reimbursed (tax deductible etc.) though these days the UK isn’t cheaper than a lot of places

  25. Bloke in Costa Rica

    OK, I suppose I should pay tax to the government of Thailand as well. After all, I don’t fucking live there either.

    As for john77’s question: why should we want NHS A&E departments in Costa Rica? We’ve got our own ones. They’re better.

  26. BniC,

    I meant the one that if any of my non-UK resident children went to a UK university they would have to pay international fees.

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